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High Five Derrick!

The torch has passed and our intern Alex’s farewell note has sparked a new tradition. Below we share Derrick’s farewell with a note of gratitude for the quarter he spent working with us, his great spirit and his help teaching the office kung fu.

Dear Team,

Yes, it is that time of year again. The time where the cool start-up passes on its intern into the brave new world. But before I traverse the beaches of the world in hopes finding a metaphorical wave that will allow me to


Win a free day of skydiving!

Have you ever dreamed of jumping out of a plane and parachuting to earth? This week, invite friends to Everest and you’ll get a chance to win an amazing day of tandem skydiving!

Just open the app, hop over to the Explore tab and hit the invite button in the top right corner. The more friends you invite to live their dreams, the better your chances of living yours. Contest ends Friday at midnight!

Get the app: Tweet

Kite Flying Friday

Framed against the deep blue of San Francisco bay, a kite carves smooth curves in the sky, as Roderic carefully controls it from below. It swoops toward the Golden Gate Bridge, spirals around Alcatraz, and narrowly misses a palm tree before coming to a stop in the soft grass of the field around us. The wind is a bit gusty, but the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day for our weekly Kite Flying Friday. As the shadows lengthen and our fingers tire from a week of writing


A touching farewell

We bid farewell to Alex, an intern who spent a quarter with us + kayaking great rivers, runs and waterfalls. Alex instantly got Everest and did an incredible job putting words to the ethos, the office and the heroes within the Everest community. His farewell note was so touching, we had to share.

Dear Team,

I’m not one for long-winded speeches or teary goodbyes, but I want to write few more words before I turn off my laptop and ride off into the metaphorical intern sunset.

Before coming to


Inspired by Place

If you’re reading this at work, look up. Look around you. Walk to a window and peer outside. What do you see? Is it beautiful? Does it inspire you? Are you someplace you want to be?

These were the questions we asked ourselves as we looked for an office in the Bay Area. True, we’re a tech startup, but there’s something about a bland office park or high rise that just didn’t work for a company built on inspiration. When we found ourselves in a converted officer’s house in


(Semi-Hardcore) Parkour

Six members of the Everest team face each other from either side of a low cement wall. They count down together, then begin sprinting at the barrier. When they reach the wall each person slaps their hands on top, pulls their knees to their chest and vaults clean past each other. It’s Thursday afternoon, and this is Parkour.

Each month one member of the Everest team spearheads a Meet ‘n’ Teach on any subject they’re passionate about. This month, Product Manager and human movement machine Drew Moxon schooled


No Phones, No Excuses!

Imagine instead of checking your phone you got up and went to the fridge every ten minutes, Everest advisor, author, and TED speaker Simon Sinek asked our team during a visit to the office last week, “how much work would you actually get done?” Even as mobile app developers we’ve got to admit he has a point. “Phones in the office should be like smoking,” Simon continued, “check them as much as you want, but outside!” Thus began Everest’s first ever No Phones Week.

Each morning ten iPhones appear


Everest Co-founder Katherine Krug Shares Her Journey with Forbes

Excerpts from the story posted on Forbes today.

“We see Everest as a digital catalyst for positive change in people’s lives. We’re trying to help people break through their self-imposed limitations by defining their dreams, creating a process for achieving them and surrounding themselves with people who will support and inspire them. We can’t achieve people’s dreams for them, but we can be a spark to get them that much closer.”

“I wake up every day so excited to get to work, to push the business forward, to build a


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