Brownells Customers Help Raise $137,000 For SOWW

Nicolas Lenze   12.30.21

Brownells Customers Help Raise $137,000 For SOWW

It’s no secret that Brownells is and has been a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, as well as our brave veterans. The company recently ran a Veterans Day event from November 8 through November 12, 2021. During that time, Brownells pledged a percentage of the profits from their online sales to Special Operations Wounded Warriors. Thanks to all of the Brownells customers buying their favorite gear, SOWW received $137,000 to help vets all over the country.

Brownells Customers

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“We are forever thankful for the continued support that Brownells has offered Special Operations Wounded Warriors,” said SOWW President Joel Pellicci. “They have been a partner in charity since our inception and they continue to be a major source of funds and support of our efforts to help special operations veterans throughout the year.  Brownells’ support over the past two years has been our charity’s lifeblood due to the loss of annual fundraising events because of Covid 19 impacts.”

Brownells Customers Help Raise $137,000 For SOWW

Brownells Customers

Special Operations Wounded Warriors is a non-profit that gifts therapeutic outdoor experiences to Purple Heart recipients from the special operations community. Activities range from deep-sea fishing to hunts in the deep woods. The focus of SOWW remains on helping these veterans make the sometimes difficult transition into civilian life.

Brownells Customers

To find out more about Special Operations Wounded Warriors and to learn how you can help advance their mission, head over to the SOWW website. You can also receive more updates on events directly from SOWW via social media. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Remember to check out all that Brownells has to offer by browsing their website. You can also like and follow Brownells on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Keep taking care of each other!

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