Buck Commander and Silencer Central

Luke Cuenco   04.08.22

Buck Commander and Silencer Central – A Winning Combo for Hunting

Suppressors are perhaps one of the most underrated accessories for hunting rifles. Although they aren’t necessarily required for hunting, they do provide a couple of key advantages for hunters and with more and more people getting back outdoors and hunting in groups, silencers can play an important role for you and your deer camp when you’re out looking for whitetail. Silencer Central knows this as do the folks at Buck Commander and that is why they are excited to announce their new ambassador partnership that aims to promote the hunting lifestyle.

Buck Commander and Silencer Central - A Winning Combo for Hunting

Silencer Central and Buck Commander Partner Up to Promote Hunting

Silencers are a great way to protect your hearing out hunting while still maintaining a greater awareness of your surroundings, enjoying the calm, and peaceful noises of the great outdoors. Over the last several years, suppressors have seen a lot more support and this trend only seems to be increasing as companies like Silencer Central have been ramping up production, adding new products to their lineup, and making new partnerships with key organizations like Buck Commander.

Buck Commander and Silencer Central - A Winning Combo for Hunting

Although there has been a lot of progress made in terms of wider adoption of silencers across the nation, there are still many out there who stigmatize the devices because of Hollywood or any other number of reasons which are simply not based in fact. Using this new partnership, Silencer Central aims to break the stigma surrounding silencers which can not only save your hearing, but also reduce recoil and make for a more comfortable and less disruptive hunting experience. Silencer Central makes the process of purchasing a suppressor easier for consumers and even offers direct delivery to their customers in 42 states across the nation.

On a quest to harvest whitetail trophy deer, the Buckmen make deer hunting a lifestyle. Buck Commander has foraged a bond and share passions for being outdoors, having fun and passing on the importance of our hunting heritage to their families.

“The guys at Buck Commander are an excellent example of what it means to hunt with passion and enjoy their time in the woods,” said CEO of Silencer Central Brandon Maddox. “By partnering with the Buckmen, we’re able to introduce our process and products to the consumer through entertainment and demonstration, showing the capabilities of silencers when it comes to hunting whitetails.

Buck Commander and Silencer Central - A Winning Combo for Hunting

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