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Follow Lin Rhea’s New Instagram Account

More Instagram drama: custom maker Lin Rhea had his accoun

More Instagram drama: custom maker Lin Rhea had his account hacked earlier this year and has been building his follower count back up since then. The issue was brought to our attention by Tashi Bharucha and we’re passing the knowledge along to you.

You know the situation already. Instagram, for all of its many flaws, is a key communication tool for any knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife maker. The visual nature of the platform provides a near-instantaneous way to show off new models and current projects; for custom makers, its importance goes beyond that, as IG can even serve as a platform for ordering and lotteries.

Lin Rhea is an American Bladesmith Society Certified Master Bladesmith, a distinction that places him in a very small group of just over 100 other artisans. His X-Rhea concept, a fixed blade with a handle, guard, and blade all made from a single piece of steel, was a custom knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife smash hit, and Rhea now teaches classes in how to make X-Rheas at the New England School of Metalwork.

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