I just graduated college and spent 3 weeks camping and exploring my way through the Southern Appalachians. : overlanding

Haven’t updated in awhile. But for those curious about our global overland journey….

Our current location: Granada, Nicaragua

The fact is that the challenges you face on a global overland journey are rarely talked about. Here is some of the harder stuff we’ve been dealing with recently. Don’t get me wrong, this trip is amazing and what we are experiencing is incredible. This post isn’t intended as a complaint. Rather as a look into the harder side of the journey…

  1. Rainy season in Central America is no joke. We’re just at the beginning of it and we’ve already narrowly escaped a tornado in Honduras where our awning was destroyed, and we recently had to do a really sticky self-recovery in Nicaragua we weren’t sure we were going to get out of. We have videos on both.

  2. The rain is non-stop sometimes and at times has made me second guess my life choices. But then we’ll get a brief break, a small glimmer of sunshine, and everything seems right with the world again. Until it isn’t.

  3. Overall the Gladiator has been great and our overlanding kit/setup has done everything we’ve needed it to. There are a few things that I am underwhelmed with. The mozzie nets on the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper are already showing significant wear. Granted we are full-time overlanders and we use them all every day, multiple times a day. I think for weekenders they would be fine but for full-time they need to be a bit more robust. I don’t think they’ll take the abuse we’ll put on them for the rest of Central America. The velcro/glue combo that holds them sealed to the rig is also starting to fail. As far as the Jeep Gladiator itself, in hindsight, lockers would have been a smart addition for this journey. We were trying to save ounces, and that was the wrong call when it came to lockers. Also I’m underwhelmed in the Gladiator’s ability to reverse in 4lo onto MAXTRAX. Good thing to have learned though for future situations. I know, I know. I should be heading forward, but you’d have to be in the situations that I’ve been in to fully understand the situation. Suffice it to say that recoveries that require reverse with an automatic transmission in a JT Sport S with the Max Tow package are not your friend.

  4. Sickness is going to happen. When you live in a Jeep with a 5 year old, and it is raining outside all the time, that can be no bueno. Yesterday Caspian threw up 3 times. Twice inside the Canopy Camper. Gotta roll with it. Part of the journey, but the stuff that never makes Instagram.

  5. The swarm of flying insects down here can be relentless. Last night, a low budget movie director could have filmed a really bad b-movie about what we went through. Thousands upon thousands of flying ant looking things with fragile wings swarmed us. They were all over our mozzie nets on the outside. Even though everything was as buttoned up as we could get it, they were still finding a way to get inside the rig. I killed bugs until 11:30 at night, woke up at 2AM and went for round two, then back to sleep at 4:30AM and up at 7:00AM. Not a fun night.

  6. I’ve said this many times, but the lack of consistency in community is by far the HARDEST part of this journey. In our world, the ability to simply call up a friend and go have wings, or share a glass of wine doesn’t exist. We are constantly meeting really amazing people, and then saying goodbye. If you are ever thinking of this type of journey, don’t underestimate this. For us, our Patreon community fills that gap as we are very transparent with them, and they have been incredibly kind and supportive during our most difficult times that we’ve shared. That’s what friends are for right?

So there you have it. Just some random thoughts I thought I’d share this part of our journey to help keep this as real as it gets.

~ Eric

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