Iaconelli Q&A on kayak bass fishing

Is there a particular type of water where the Hobie IKE really excels?

“It’s good anywhere; big water, small water, open water, back waters, even rivers and streams. On larger lakes and river systems, the stability really helps when the wind kicks up and the water gets a little nautical. I’ll push it wherever I have to go to get the fish, and I’ll use that MirageDrive pedal system to hold my position while casting in a hawkish wind.

“That said, you just can’t beat this vessel in places that have current. I grew up trout fishing on the tidal Delaware River, so I really enjoy working eddies and seams. I love how the fish set up in those places and my Hobie is an amazing tool for working them properly because it lets you easily tweak and hold your position. Going back to the idea of simple access, some of the best waters on small streams and rivers are hard to reach with a bigger boat, but they pose few problems in my Hobie. Once you get out there, the MirageDrive 360 system is just a huge advantage because you can use it to stay indefinitely on the best edges, seams and breaks.

“The Hobie Kick-Up fins also make this kayak unbeatable for stream and river fishing. There are times when you get into an uncontrolled situation – like when going downstream or fighting a big fish – and get off kilter. If you end up smashing into a submerged rock, log or something, those fins simply kick out of the way and then pop back in place. You can also simply pull your drive out and then click it back in and be ready to go.”

How do you like to approach current situations when bass fishing?

“For bass, or any other fish that live in a current situation, everything revolves around that moving water. It provides food, so you have to learn how the fish position themselves in the seams, breaks and eddies. In general, bass like to be in areas of less current but with quick access to stronger current. That’s the epic break or seam better anglers are always talking about. I want to cast up-current to let my bait come back naturally in or around those seams. In low flow, the fish favor the fast side of the break and in high flow, they hold more on the slow side of the seam, but there are also days you’ll find them right in the middle so always keep searching and probing. With my Hobie, I can stay in place and work these seams right, go shallow if I need too, and make any adjustments necessary with my hands free. That’s a big advantage anytime you have to deal with current, wind, or both at the same time.”

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