Jake Mageau joins 686 in style

It wasn’t all that long ago that 686 was known strictly as a snowboard brand. There’s no doubt that they still remain a faithful anchor of the snowboarding community, but ever so carefully, the mono plank mogul has been expanding its reach, and bridging the gap between skiers and boarders. Bringing on skiers such as Parker White, Laurent De Martin, Mike King and Duncan Adams has been nothing short of a power move, as each of these rippers have defined their own niche in the sport, and ski with a distinctly recognizable style.

The magnificently creative Jake Magaeu, aka Mista Mango, is the latest edition to the crew. Jake has long been redefining skiing, and seems to approach the sport in an unapologetically original way. His latest project with Brady Perron, ‘Freehand‘, is filled with examples of how he finds features that anyone can find, but explores and tackles them in the most unique of ways. Perron and Jake, along with help from Level 1, have released a most enjoyable short video to commemorate his new alliance with 686. Congrats to mango on a well deserved paycheck, and more importantly, cheers to those supporting individuals who are keeping skiing fresh.

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