Simplify Your Adventure Snacking With Freeze Dried Snacks

Morgan Rogue   09.19.22

Simplify Your Adventure Snacking With Freeze Dried Snacks

I live in a hotter region so while I love energy bars, most of them come with some kind of chocolate, peanut butter or yogurt that tends to melt all over the place inside the package and of course, all over our hands which creates a mess that quite frankly, I don’t want to deal with for myself, let alone for with my kids.

Freeze dried snacks are the way to go for us. They’re tasty, last forever and my kids have always been pleasantly surprised with everything I pull out of the backpack. I can even keep these in the car without feeling too bad about them spoiling, since they are freeze dried and all. While they will deteriorate in flavor over time in warmer environments, we have no trouble rotating often to always keep a fresh supply on hand.

The best thing about the majority of these freeze dried snacks, is they don’t require any water to rehydrate! You just eat as is.

Let’s take a look at the best freeze dried snacks for your next adventure!

1. ReadyWise



Ever since ReadyWise rebranded a couple years ago, I have been nothing but impressed with their new offerings. I love all everything in their ‘everyday kitchen’ category. From fruit, to deserts to vegetables, there are so many snack options to choose from and they’ve all be 100% approved by either me or my kids, or both!

I have these around in our car kits, in our bug out bags and for everyday adventuring.

Pros/Decently priced, very tasty, get a lot in each pouch


Bottom Line/Must have for any adventure

2. KnottyBisonHomestead



Etsy never ceases to amaze me with the products that are on there now-a-days. And I feel good supporting a small business. This Etsy shop has some really unique freeze dried snacks such as freeze dried dill pickles, nerds, skittles and a bunch of ice cream and fruits.

It’s reasonably priced, and again, I feel good knowing I’m supporting a small business.

Pros/Pouches are stuffed full, very tasty, supporting small business


Bottom Line/Give them a try!

3. Nutristore



Nutristore doesn’t offer anything branded as ‘snacks’ specifically, but they offer a ton of fruits, vegetables and other freeze dried foods in #10 cans. You could take them out of the #10 can and mix and match your own trail snacks whenever you please. They’re very good, too.

Pros/Large quantity for reasonable price,


Bottom Line/

4. Freeze-Dried Ice Cream


Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

Obviously I couldn’t make a list of freeze dried snacks without putting the OG astronaut ice cream on it! This is always a hit with our kids just for everyday eating but when we pull it out on an adventure they are all about it. It’s just so good!

Pros/Classic, so good


Bottom Line/Gotta add this to your adventures

5. Sow Good


Sow Good

This is such a unique company with some unique products! They have freeze dried smoothies, freeze dried granola bites and plenty of freeze dried fruit snacks to choose from.

The only thing about the smoothie is, while it does come in a cup, I wish it didn’t have to be blended first before placing it back in the cup. I wish I could just add the water to the power in the cup, mix it up and go. That would be perfect for the trail, but otherwise you may just want to mix it up before you leave then add the water out on the trail.

Pros/Fun packaging, tasty products, reasonable prices


Bottom Line/Definitely something to try out

Freeze dried snacks

What will be your new favorite freeze dried snack?

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