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It is at this lake, Champlain, it is at this dock, Plattsburgh where this gig with the mothership began way back in 2007. 

And so at full circle, it is here where I end all this, here where I say Thank You:

To Norby and Marsha at ESPN for starting it all.  To Bob Ley for instilling Journalism in me and taking all those Tupelo calls.

To the anglers who at the beginning circled the wagons around me and bought me time to learn this sport, you know who you are, love you.

To all the anglers past and present a simple thank you doesn’t seem enough but please know that each and every one of you have a place in my heart.

To all those at Bassmaster, past and present, especially Don Logan, Jim Sexton and Chris Mitchell you were the strength that kept me going…and corrected all those spelling issues. 

To my great friends, the backstage crew, past and present, Trip, Chuck, Lisa, Chris, Gretchen, Emily, to all those who put the stage up and took it down, for the hundreds of breakfasts and dinners together, my heart, my smiles, my thanks for always having my back.

Big thank you to my buddies in the service yard who keep the boats in the water and the anglers fishing.  Special thanks for so many years of breakfasts/lunches with one of my best buds, “Daddy” Lee Robertson of Skeeter (ret).  Hey guys, Andy and crew, you were always a safe haven, great at what you do, jokers every one of you.  Thank You, miss ya.

To Eric, Jesse, Ben and crew, thank you for being the best at what you do…and the special parking pass.

To Bowman, Overstreet, Seigo and all the talent at JM, simply, the best.

To St. Croix and especially all those so very talented people who do such a very good job, every cast I make will be with you. 

To you the fan, to you the readers, none of this would have been possible without your support, your reading, your clicks.  Simply put my career here was in your hands and I will never forget that.

To Mike Sechrist, thank you for believing in stick figures.

To my children who sacrificed so much to allow me to get so far, it will be impossible to make it back up to you, but I will try.

And to the love of my life, my wife Barb…not one second of any of the accomplishments in my life would have been possible without the strength of you behind me.  For a Buffalo, NY Bartender & Waitress we done pretty good babe, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.

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