The Iran Adventure Begins! Part 1 of ??? : overlanding

These photos have covered our quick drive across Turkey and into Iran, where to pace slowed quite a bit. We are now sitting in Isfahan, Iran preparing for Aide the New year, which is on the 20th. We are using this time to get the wagon cleaned up and properly packed for our continued trip. As per usual this is just a snippet of the travel photos and in like 847553 months when I get it done the blog will have more info and better stories.

We started by leaving Antalya and stopping for a night in Cappadocia, which with a quick google search will show why we stop there, we have previously visited and rather enjoyed the area and the underground cities and a night out of a snow covered tent. Then next night I wandered into the mountains around Karacaoren where we pitched up on a blocked off road for the night. The first time using the heater, and we slept so well. Tent was a lovely 15-20c all night easily.

The next night we spent in Erzurum so we could get covid tests sorted for the border crossing. All negative all good. Next thing we are sitting 40km from the border checking out some local ruins at Dogurayazit.

The big show!! Crossing into Iran takes a total of 8 hours from start to finish, it works out to customs for the car takes about 3.5 hours or 7 episodes of big bang theory, we hired people to aid in our crossing due to complications without having an Australian carnet. Once that is complete maybe another hour at the exit gate, 0.5 hours on the main road and then finally 2 hours to get rego plates. I know the math doesn’t work, but I cant remember where we lost the extra hour. Maybe I included leaving Turkey…

We find a place just south of Maku and pull up for the night, tired of border crossing and ready to unwind, the tent is up and heater on. Backgammon it is. The morning brings a lovely site of the mountains and the cat (Pina) does our prestarts on the wagon for me.

Our initial plan is to follow the Iraq border basically and we end up in Chaldran with crap roads and heavy snow, but we do enjoy an old church and some great views when the snow does clear.

We spend the night outside of Urmia on the lake, we are gifted with yet more snow although the tent is dry and I can feel my fingers today as I pack up. Our first port o call is diesel, we talk to locals and get permission to use there card and I can fill my tanks tanks that’s to 2 lovely people, the first who gave me 30L free. We also score a lunch with Kabir, a friendly local who also aided in the diesel collection.

Our next camp is Mahabad which is a simple road side river just for a quick stop over. The mountains are lovely and the drive worth it. The next morning we motor to Baneh where we meet friends for a night out, luckily too, as more snow.

This next bit we decided we didn’t want to be late to Isfahan so in 2 days we cover some serious ground, I think 600kms overall which for us in that short of time is pretty heavy. We are very slow movers. But the mountains and fields are stunning and the roads allow for good time as we leave the Kurdistan region as it flattens out. In Hamedan we stay at a impromptu campground which is just opening and spend the night sharing stories with a owner who not only prepares use dinner, but also gifts me 100L of diesel. Im running out of gifts to give away to these people. They are beyond friendly and want to show that Iran is not the place the media shows. But actually full of happy friendly people. I will also add it was -5 in the morning. But we are slowly seeing warmer weather as we drive east!! So this was about 10 days… so that may be the range for trip updates. Hope you all enjoyed.

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