The Path Less Traveled #039: Trail Mail #1

The Path Less Traveled #039: Trail Mail #1

I’ve been collecting questions and comments from viewers, readers, friends and fans for a few weeks since things started gaining steam on The Path Less Traveled. Luckily, enough questions have come in that I can begin practicing standing in front of a camera and provide everyone with a mediocre mailbag video… Also called Trail Mail.

Welcome to our recurring series of “The Path Less Traveled.” In this series, we want to take you along for our exploits out in the wilderness while hiking, camping, exploring, and general adventuring. This will include our small daily victories, foibles, tips, tricks, and reviews of gear we authentically appreciate and frequently utilize. While a well-worn trail can often be the pathway to a leisurely day, the paths less traveled can often spur on some of the greatest memories, misadventures, and fun we could imagine. Join us in the Comments as we share our travels and hopefully, we can all come together for a greater appreciation of the outdoors.

Things will only get better

Still working on gear a little bit, and my on-screen maladaptive behaviors like saying “ummmm” a thousand times. Video editing will get better through each iteration. Stay with me and see me grow!

Trail Mail #1 Topics:

  • Blister prevention
  • Wilderness foraging
  • Quality camp meals
  • Camping must-haves?
  • Self protection on the trail
  • Sleeping bag always needed?
  • Lugging water around
  • Camp Cots
  • Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!
  • Best and worst places I’ve camped.
  • Hygiene before sleep?


Trails Discussed:

Katahdin Stream Campground to:
Mt Katahdin to:
Hamlin Peak to:
Roaring Brook Campground to:
Knife Edge trail toward Mt Katahdin to:
Return to Katahdin Stream Campground.


Products Discussed:

My Medic Med Packs

REI Magma Sleeping Bags – $99 – $389.99

Big Agnes Women’s Sidewinder SL 35 Sleeping Bag – $269.95

Decathlon Forclaz Trek 900, 32°F Feather/Down Camping Mummy Sleeping Bag – $169.99

Backpacker’s Pantry Chana Masala – $6.99

Backpacker’s Pantry 102448 Santa Fe Rice & Beans with Chicken $15.00 ?

Heather’s Choice African Peanut Stew – $10.00

AlpineAire Foods Mexican-Style Grilled Chicken Bowl – $8.95

Foraging: This book includes: Recognizing Toxic and Poisonous Wild Plants and Mushrooms + The Best Edible Wild Foods Recipes + Eating for Free while on Hiking and Camping Paperback – May 25, 2021 – $39.90

Edible Wild Plants for Beginners: The Essential Edible Plants and Recipes to Get Started Paperback – November 26, 2013 – $12.66

The Forager’s Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants Paperback – Illustrated, May 15, 2006 $13.39

REI Classes & Events

Therm-a-rest Ultralite Cot – $199.95 – $219.95 – NOTE, I’ve never used this and unable to give an opinion on it.


More Trail Mail?

Feel free to get a hold of me in the comments section, as well as messaging me on Instagram if you are wanting to ship something!

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