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Hey all- any reviews on this type of product?

I currently have an ‘18 Toyota Tacoma TRD off road. Double cab, long bed. I added an ARE topper when I got the truck in 2018. Built out a sleeping platform inside it so I have gear storage underneath.

I love sleeping in the truck as it is so much simpler sometimes than finding a spot for a tent-plus it is often very windy in my region (inter mountain West) where I camp. At times in the high country I’ve had 40- 50 mph winds where I just retreat to the truck to wait it out (not fun but what are you going to do).

And… I’m no longer dealing with sleepless nights thanks to a flapping tent (I don’t sleep well).

Trouble is head room-it’s a bit tight in there for two people too. My husband and I aren’t tall and are pretty agile but it would be nice to have more room.

I like this option because it seems like if I roll into camp and it’s too windy, I don’t have to set it up. That’s the problem with an RTT (as well as weight and cost)-that would become my only option and I’ve seen those really take a beating from the wind.

I spend several weekends a month out out and do multiple week-long or longer trips a year-so the rig does get used a fair bit.

Any help is appreciated-thanks!

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