Weekly Obsession: One Bottle Hydration Adapter

Hydration bladders are ubiquitous for a reason: they let you drink on the go, without having to stop to pull out a water bottle. But they also have their drawbacks. They can be annoying to extract from a backpack during refills, take on off-flavors, and are hard to clean, among other things.

All of those shortcomings led me to search out the One Bottle Hydration system. This young Connecticut-based start-up blends the best features of bottles and bladders together using a simple adapter. The One-Bottle uses a typical bite valve and 43-inch insulated drinking tube (similar to what you might find on a Platypus). But instead of a bladder, it attaches to a water bottle via a twist top and/or adaptor. 

One-Bottle flip-top lids fit wide Nalgene, Hydro Flask, ThermoFlask, and Takeya mouths, with simple orange adaptors for small-mouthed SmartWater, YETI Chug, and MagDock tops.

The benefits of using a Nalgene as my main water source are countless. It’s easily removed from a side pocket on my backpack, which means that I can see how much water I have left on the go. It has no off flavors, is easy to refill, and is next-to-impossible to puncture. The bite valve, open/closed lever, and ease of drinking are all exactly the same as when using a bladder. As an added bonus for wide-mouthed models, you can easily flip open the drinking tube-affixed lid and guzzle straight from the bottle like you normally would. 

For me, the One Bottle is the best of both worlds in one streamlined package.

Buy Now; $25

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