10 spring ski gear items you should never head to the resort without

Featured Image: Matt Power

When deep pow days are well and gone for the season, there’s only one thing to do and that’s celebrate the start of spring skiing. The warmer temps, longer days and soft, slushy snow bring out the wild party animal in all of us—even if we don’t consume alcohol. The high vibrations emanating from the parking lot to the top of the peaks are contagious and make it impossible not to have a good time. To ensure you’re arriving in style and sending out ~the vibe~ we’ve compiled a list of 10 gear items every skier should have on them at the resort this spring. Grab your ski blades and an aux cord and we’ll see you out there!

1. Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays doesn’t have to be boring. Our personal favorite is the colored nosecoat from Zinka, which comes in 14 different colors and each is packed with powerful zinc oxide.

2. Beverage Belt

Whether it’s just a backpack, a fanny pack or a specially designed beer belt, you’ve gotta have something to carry all the bevies so you can ensure you stay hydrated from first chair to last lap. Please remember to drink responsibly, mix in some water here and there and always have a designated driver.

3. Shades

Pit Vipers, goggles or your mom’s Oakleys from the 80s—just put your face between a pair so you don’t burn your eyeballs. Seriously, it’s a thing and we never want you to know what it feels like. Plus, did you even spring ski if you don’t have the goggle/sunglass tan?

4. Spandex/Onesies

PHOTO: Laura Obermeyer

It doesn’t matter what color, what size or how you wear it. Just whatever you do, don’t forget the spandex and onesies.

5. Denim

PHOTO: Stephen Shelesky

If you’re not really into spandex, may we entice you with some good old-fashioned denim? You don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t come in their jeans…

6. Ski Blades/Monoski/Straight Skis

PHOTO: Jared Spieker

Your regular sticks have had their time to rip this season, these are the days to bring out your blades, satisfy that monoski itch or steal your dad’s old straight skis out of the garage. Hell, even bring out the snowboard if that’s not what you normally ride. We won’t judge.

7. Hot Dogs

PHOTO: Courtesy of Gunter Jones

Whether it’s the kind you pick up at the grocery store or the gaggle of friends who love to show off at the resort, you’re going to want them at the après party.

8. Glitter

PHOTO: Courtesy of Rian Zetzer

When have you ever heard of someone having a bad time while wearing glitter? Didn’t think so.

9. Sound System

PHOTO: Sam Taggart

No matter if it fits in your backpack or you can hardly haul it out of the truck, a speaker of some size with music blasting out of it at all times is a spring ski must.

10. Camp chairs

PHOTO: Courtesy of Brita Sigourney

Nothing ruins a good après like not having somewhere to rest your tired tush after a full day of hot lapping. Pack the camp chairs and thank us later.

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