High Timber Dreams: A Sanctuary for Heroes

High Timber Dreams (HTD) is a nonprofit organization that stands for the noble cause of honoring and supporting our heroes – the Veterans, Active Duty, and First Responders. But that’s not it! They also extend their hands towards the youth, leading them towards a healthier mindset and giving our leaders of tomorrow a solid foundation through outdoor activities.

The Mission: Making Dreams Come True

Located a little northeast of La Grande, in Elgin, Oregon, the HTD base spreads across almost a hundred acres of land. The organization’s sole aim is to make a difference in the lives of those who selflessly serve our nation and communities and local youth organizations.

Being outdoors was not just a choice but a way of life for the co-founders, Ryan and Dehanna. From hiking, hunting to fishing and foraging, these experiences had given them a sense of inner peace and a healthier mindset. They envisioned sharing their knowledge and experiences with others, and thus in 2018, High Timber Dreams was born.

More Than Just An Organization

When a guest arrives at High Timber Dreams, it feels like visiting a family member’s home. The atmosphere during turkey season is cozy, with guests staying at Ryan and Dehanna’s house, sharing meals, stories, and experiences. However, during big game seasons, the scenario changes to a more adventurous camp-style experience.

Brian Rikstad, an Army Veteran, expressed his fondness for the organization by stating how HTD changed his perspective about retirement. He was deeply moved by the organization’s focus on providing the best experience for their guests, educating them about conservation, and the measures taken to protect and preserve biodiversity, the environment, and natural resources.

High Timber Dreams: A Year-Round Operation

High Timber Dreams doesn’t limit its activities to the hunting season. The organization constantly strives to provide support and opportunities throughout the year. Initiatives include providing support to local veterans and first responders, arranging meals for veterans, and providing fishing gear for kids. They also support local Future Farmers of America programs.

A Hope For The Future

The organization’s efforts don’t go unnoticed. They have been graciously supported by various sponsors and partners, such as Everest Trading Post, who have helped provide for them each and every year.

The co-founders, Ryan and Dehanna, have made great use of the natural resources on their land, ensuring their guests can harvest games, pick mushrooms, hike through the pine forest, or just enjoy the back porch and a million-dollar view.

To sum it up, High Timber Dreams is a beacon of hope and dreams for our heroes, the veterans, active duty soldiers, first responders, and the youth. Their dedication and commitment to giving back to the community are truly remarkable.

How to Support High Timber Dreams

The organization welcomes any support towards their noble cause. You can learn more about High Timber Dreams on their website https://www.hightimberdreams.com/, where you can also find links to their social media accounts. For those interested in contributing towards their mission can find the donation link on their website.

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