5.11 Introduces Two NEW Watches To Their EDC Line

Nicolas Lenze   05.03.22

5.11 Introduces Two NEW Watches To Their EDC Line

I remember being taught how to tell the time with just my hand and the sun. While that’s a cool and useful trick, I think it’s much easier to bring along a durable watch. Whether you prefer digital or analog faces, 5.11 has released two new watches to their EDC line; the Division Digital Watch and the Outpost Chrono Watch.

NEW Watches

5.11 Coverage on AllOutdoor

“Two new watches are being added to the Everyday Carry and Accessories line to ensure customers are equipped and on time for any activity. Both watches feature a sturdy 44mm stainless steel case with IP finish, 22mm webbing band and mineral crystal glass for added durability and scratch resistance.”

Division Digital Watch

NEW Watches

The Division Digital Watch from 5.11 gives users a quick and easy-to-read display. The display includes the day and date at the top of the face. The time can be displayed using a 12 or 24-hour clock. Four buttons on the sides of the stainless steel housing allow you to control the light, modes, and other features. The Division is also capable of displaying dual timezones for all of you world travelers. The 22mm webbing band is removable if you prefer another kind of band. The watch also houses a backlight, chronograph, two timers, and four alarms, while also being water-resistant to 330 feet. Currently, the price on 5.11’s website is $105.00.

NEW Watches

Outpost Chrono Watch

NEW Watches

The Outpost Chrono Watch is for those who like a more traditional watch face. It uses a classic pull crown for changing the time. It also features start and stop buttons on its sides for using the stopwatch function. The main dial shows the time using the 12-hour clock, while a smaller dial shows the 24-hour clock for easy conversion. The hands and hour marks use luminous material so they’re easy to pick up in darker conditions. MSRP is $125.00.

NEW Watches

If you’re looking for some new watches and these fit the bill, head over to the 5.11 website for more information. Make sure you like and follow 5.11 on all of their social media pages. You can find them on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Don’t be late!

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