‘adVENNture’ – Sämi Ortlieb & Rob Heule continue their streak of creative ski flicks

It’s becoming more and more common to see ski edits that take a dramatically creative approach, breaking from the formulas that major production companies had set years before. For some, those formulas were never really in the cards to begin with. Sämi Ortlieb and Rob Heule are two of those people. Having been skiing together for years, they’ve have shown a prowess for ingenious methods of documenting their skiing. They released a compilation of both seen and unseen footage earlier this year, titled ‘Maneuvers‘, and to say it was out of the box would be an understatement. Both in the features they build and the cinematic tactics they explore, (including stop motion filming), this duo, along with the help of some ripping friends, produced one of the best ski edits in recent memory.

Sämi and Rob’s latest edit, ‘adVENNture’, follows similar creative avenues but on a new path. Since located approximately one Atlantic Ocean away from eachother, (plus a few thousand miles), they had to break into new territory when it came to showcasing their respected home terrain in one go. While it can be slightly dizzying at times, the Venn diagram set up in this flick is a new take on how one can blend two worlds into the same. Different places, different styles, and yet they go together better than PB & J. Hopefully we’ll get one more Sämi / Rob collab before the season ends, or at least in the near future. The Swiss Canadian powerhouse duo continues.

From Line Skis:

Switzerland and Canada share many things in common; High alpine peaks, red and white flags, and deep powder. Although separated by the Atlantic ocean, longtime friends Sami Ortlieb and Rob Heule unite to bring you a shared ski experience from the ski lifts and backcountry of their respective homes in Glarus (CH) and Alberta (CAN).

‘adVENNture’ aims to immerse the viewer in the similarities and differences between 2 skiers, 2 continents, and 2 different pairs of skis, through the overlapping vignette of a Venn diagram.

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