AKTI Annual Auction Fundraiser Includes Custom and Production Pieces


AKTI Annual Auction Fundraiser Includes Custom and Production Pieces

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is running

The American knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is running the Free to Carry 2022 Auction this weekend. AKTI is pulling out all the stops with a ton of different knives on offer, running the gamut from production to full on custom pieces.

Free to Carry is the largest fundraiser that AKTI runs. Proceeds are funneled into the non-profit’s various efforts to advance and advocate for sensible knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife legislation across the country. In an official AKTI press release Mark Schrieber, who has been president of CRKT since 2015 and is chairing the 2022 auction, had this to say: “We’re fortunate to be able to combine the generous donations of custom knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife makers with contributions from leading knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife and tool brands who all believe passionately in AKTI’s mission. This event brings members of the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife and tool community together and helps ensure that AKTI will continue to be a sensible, powerful voice in a strong and unified manner.”

We can’t cover everything that’s up for grabs individually, but on the production side Spyderco, Benchmade, CRKT, WE knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">Knife Co., and more made contributions. Beyond that, there are also customs, like a twofer from Alan Folts that consists of a U/W folder, and a wharnie Minimalist (which you may be more familiar with through the ongoing CRKT production version). We’re informed that there are also a couple of destination vacation packages up for grabs, which may even grab the interest of “non-knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife people,” a demographic we have heard of before but still don’t believe exists.

The Free to Carry 2022 auction is being held online, and is live now through August 21. If you want to get in on the action you’ve got to make an account on the official auction website; you can also bid through the Auctria mobile app. Shipping is relegated to US addresses only. If you want to support the auction without bidding, that is also possible on the site.

knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">Knife in Featured Image: Alan Folts U/W and Minimalist

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