Angler Meeting: Elites preview upcoming season

The Bassmaster Elite Series anglers were recently invited to Birmingham, Ala., for an angler meeting before the 2022 Elite Series season kicks off. A number of Elites were asked a couple of simple questions in regards to the upcoming season. 

If it can’t be you, who do you think will win the Bassmaster Angler of the Year title in 2022?

Jake Whitaker – I could see either of the Johnston brothers winning it, but I’ll go with Chris Zaldain.  

Tyler Rivet – I’d say Jacob Powroznik based on how consistent he was in the Bassmaster Opens last year. He’s got a lot of momentum coming into the season.

Drew Cook – Even though the schedule sets up for a lot of sight fishing, I’m still going to say Patrick Walters.

Wes Logan – Brandon Palanuik. He’s just the most consistent angler on the Elites.

Brandon Palaniuk – Cory Johnston finally beat his brother at the St. Lawrence River this year in the Open, so I’ll go with Cory Johnston.

John Crews – I’m going to say Patrick Walters. If not, he’ll be right there at it.

Carl Jocumsen – I’d have to say Brandon Lester. 

Justin Atkins – If I can’t win, then I’ll go with Darold Gleason.

If you could only tie on one bait and fish the entire 2022 Bassmaster Elite Series Season, what bait would you choose?

Jake Whitaker – It’s setting up to be a soft stickworm kind of year so I’ll go with a Big Bite Baits Trick Stick. I always seem to catch them on that anyways. 

Tyler Rivet – The way the schedule sets up, I’d probably go with a wacky worm.

Drew Cook – I’ll go with a Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog in Tilapia Magic color. I’ve definitely made more money on that bait than anything else.

Wes Logan – No doubt a swim jig. It catches the big ones.

Brandon Palaniuk – Drop shot with an Xzone Lures Deception Worm. I can adjust it at any level and fish it any depth and still be dialed in.

John Crews – No doubt a Missile Jigs Ike’s Mini Flip Jig. All year, any time I’ll pick it up.

Carl Jocumsen – I’m going to tie on a Molix GT Football Jig with an Xzone Muscle Back Craw trailer.

Justin Atkins – How about a Berkley Flat Worm. I guess I’m going to be punching it in Florida…

The first Bassmaster Elite Series event will be held at the St. Johns River, February 10-13. 

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