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Anybody been up to Coyote Flat (south west of Big Pine, CA) since the rains a couple weeks ago?

I went up from the Big Pine side in October of last year and the year before and didn’t find it particularly challenging, but 4×4 and good clearance was definitely needed. We came down the Bishop side and the road was in great condition. Probably doable in 2wd, except maybe 1 or 2 big ruts that would need some momentum, a rear locker, or 4×4.

A group of people want me to take them up there this weekend, and I’m expecting a few 4runners, a GX470, and a new tacoma. All mostly stock, on street tires up to 33″ all terrains. If anyone has been up there in the last couple weeks and can chime in on the road conditions that would be much appreciated.

Edit for anyone searching for this in the future:

We ran the trail in August 2022 and the road up from Bishop to the flat was passable in 2wd with the rear locker on (K5 blazer on 33″ tires). With no locker you MIGHT need 4×4 in a couple short sections. Low clearance, limited axle articulation, or an inexperienced driver could make it more challenging.

It was just as rocky as I remember, and the 0.75 mile or so into Funnel Lake is 1-2 MPH over 6-18″ rocks. The north trail into Funnel Lake has one badly rutted section where you need to drive carefully, but a 4×4 with good clearance is sufficient. No lockers needed.

The road from Sanger Meadow/Coyote Flat down to Big Pine (via Onion Creek) was passable. Lockers not required, but 30″+ tires, good clearance, and an attentive driver would be recommended.

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