Back at it in Armenia : overlanding

Hey all,

I’m a long time backpacker but looking to become a first time overlander/wilderness truck camper. My fiance and I are wanting to do trail magic along the Colorado Trail next month (I thru hiked it last year) and we’re taking the dogs with us. With bringing the dogs and having a bunch of supplies for trail magic (for those unaware, its where you set up a tent with beer, water, food, for hikers attempting the thru hike), I’m going to need access to my truck.

Now the nitty gritty of it all is, and I know it can vary depending on the district and unit you’re in, can you essentially drive down any road/forest service road that you legally have access to, find an area where its obvious someone has camped before, and plop down and camp? Or are there generally only designated sites? In terms of water and electricity, we don’t necessarily need access to those.

The idea being, we set up camp far down a forest service road, have our peace and quiet and wilderness experience, and drive to where the Colorado Trail intersects the road in the morning for trail magic.

Options that have quickly come to mind: Marshall Pass area, Spring Creek Pass area, and maybe Cochetopa Pass. Thanks for any help, hopefully I don’t sound like a total noob haha.

EDIT: Guys, please read the first line. I’m a long time backpacker and just an outdoorsy person in general. I know leave no trace principles and know how to go about recreation in a respectful way. I know all basic outdoor regulations, except when it comes to camping with a vehicle/overlanding. Thank you all who understood what I was getting at!

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