Best Cold Weather Clothing for Kids

Morgan Rogue   11.09.21

Best Cold Weather Clothing for Kids

Kids will very rarely tell you when they’re too cold or too hot. I’ve had long talks with my kids about trying to express to me how they are feeling because I need to know if a toe is about to fall off. This is especially difficult with babies or kids who are’t speaking well yet.

So we just have to make sure they’re as bundled as we can possibly make them and hope for the best.

Kids still need to abide by the basics of bundling up for cold weather:

  • Layers; synthetic close to the skin, fleece or wool jacket then a puffy jacket. You can even layer up even more if you need to. Can always take layers off as needed.
  • Mittens are best, with gloves underneath, if desired.
  • Make sure the boots are actually rated for the temperatures you’re going to be in, along with wool or merino wool socks. Anything but cotton.

Let’s dive into some essential gear for kids!

1. Goggles



Kids Winter Goggles

I think regardless if you’re going to be snowboarding or not, kids should have snow goggles. The extreme cold can really affect your eyes and these goggles offer nice all around protection.

These are specifically for kids and I was shocked at how eager my kids were to put them on and keep them on. They’re spacious enough to wear over glasses, but they offer protection from the cold wind, as well as protection from snow glare.

They’re as adjustable as you need them to be as well to fit just about any child size head. These fit perfectly on my 5 year old and 2 year old, they could certainly fit older kids, too.

Pros/Great fit, comfortable, adjustable

Cons/Wish the two pack came in the same color

Bottom Line/Great fit and great to have on hand

2. Kids Mittens


Kids Mittens

Both my kids have mittens but these are of excellent quality and they keep my 5 year olds hands super warm. I think her hands are warmer than mine!

They’re waterproof as well, so they use these mittens to play in the snow. They’re adjustable around the wrist and they have the string which can be attached to the inside of the coat.

I would say they are slightly too big for my 5 year old’s hands, but I can pull them down pretty far and have the cuffs easily pull over her jacket in order to get them to fit a little better.

I love the cinched cuff, it prevents snow from getting inside!

Editor’s Note:  Another good technique to keep snow out of your kid’s sleeves-and to avoid having to “fix” their mittens all the time-is to have them put on their gloves or mittens before their jacket.  Then, they can punch their glove or mitten through the sleeve, ensuring a good seal against snow.  

Pros/Cinched cuff, waterproof, warm

Cons/Be careful of sizing

Bottom Line/One of the best kid mittens I’ve ever seen

3. Knitted Gloves


Knitted Gloves

Having some of these knitted gloves on hand is nice to put under the mittens or if it’s above freezing and they aren’t playing with snow or anything else wet.

I like to just have some of these around and this particular product comes in a pack of 16 with various colors to give my kids choices.

They can wear them under the mittens and if they take their mittens off, they can still have a little bit of protection from the cold. I also throw them in our truck for ‘just in case’.

Pros/Fits kids hands, multiple colors

Cons/Not the absolute best quality, but they last long enough

Bottom Line/Nice to have a bunch of these around

4. Fleece Jacket


Fleece Jacket

My kids always wear a fleece jacket under their winter coat. This one by Columbia is a great price and excellent quality. My youngest has my oldests’ hand-me-down and my oldest got a brand new one. The hand-me-down looks brand new even though my oldest wore it for a solid two years prior. I tend to buy a size up.

It’s the absolute perfect jacket to have on under winter coats or to wear from the walk to the car to the store.

Pros/Comfortable, durable, warm

Cons/No hoodie

Bottom Line/An absolute must for cold weather

5. Snow Boots


Snow Boots

Kamik makes an absolutely incredible snow boot for kids. The sole is durable, slip resistant and waterproof. One of the best features of these boots is the adjustability in two different places. That makes it so nice to get them on and off and to even adjust if they grow a bit.

I got a size larger than they normally wear which was a good decision because they have inserts for further warmth and getting the larger size was the way to go. The insert can be removed, but I’ve found that it kind of ruins the whole shoe when it comes out. It’s not comfortable at all. So we only use them for winter conditions, which is what they’re made for anyway.

They’re rated to -40 and my kids feet are always toasty warm when we get back in the house. They’ve never once complained about moisture or cold.

Pros/Warm, waterproof, adjustable

Cons/Not comfortable without insert

Bottom Line/Best bang for your buck

6. Snow Overalls


Snow Overalls

I bought my kids each snow pants but they have yet to wear them because they always wear these snow overalls out instead. They love to put them on and I don’t have to worry about snow getting into their pants. Plus, I feel, snow overalls are way warmer than just pants and a jacket.

I think the only downside to overalls is going to the bathroom. We don’t wear the overalls when we go into town, but when we’re out and about in the bush, having to get fully undressed in the cold to go to the bathroom is a right pain. That’s the only negative about these.

Otherwise, they’re extremely comfortable, easy to put on and super warm.

Pros/Warm, easy to put on, comfortable


Bottom Line/Essential snow gear

7. Thermal Under Layer


Thermal Under Layer

This particular brand claims it’s a fleece, but it doesn’t feel or look like fleece at all. But, they’re not cotton either and that’s pretty much all I care about when it comes to a base layer.

These run extremely large, even trying to get the right size, they’re very large and don’t fit snuggly on my kids. However, they seem to like them and have worn them successful under other clothing so I’d call that a win.

Every kid needs a base layer that is not made of cotton. Anything synthetic, wool, or fleece is ideal.

Pros/Soft, warm

Cons/Runs large, not fleece

Bottom Line/Must have base layer for winter

8. Balaclava



I honestly think these are some of the best things for kids. Hats are great, but these help to cover the face, head and neck to help lock in heat even more.

My kids rarely wear them over the nose and mouth, but just having them surrounding the head is a huge plus, especially on the snow machine or if it’s snowing a little bit.

Pros/Warm, comfortable

Cons/They can sometimes run a little big

Bottom Line/Great to have on hand

What other kids winter gear do you recommend?

I’m obsessive about keeping my kids warm and will use just about any type of clothing to achieve it. Wool socks, fleece mittens, warm hat and puffy jackets are what winter is made of. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Have fun and stay warm!

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