Best Portable Stoves for Any Outdoor Adventure

Morgan Rogue   01.12.22

Best Portable Stoves for Any Outdoor Adventure

Many people might be able to rely on making a fire, but even when I’m not in an area with a burn ban, I like to carry some type of stove that takes propane or maybe just small twigs.

There are times when I plain just don’t want to get a fire going to get some coffee brewed. But I can whip out a propane cook stove and get it brewed in minutes.

Whether you’re car camping, overlanding, backpacking or hunting, there’s a cook stove that’s right for you.

Take a look at the top portable stoves for your next outdoor adventure:

1. Coleman Propane Camp Stove


Coleman Propane Camp Stove

This is a classic that’s been around for ages. It’s tried and true and will be a workhorse for any of your outdoor adventures.

With two burners you can easily cook a nice hot meal in the same amount of time you would at home, or get a simple cup of joe brewed in no time. It can accomodate a 10 inch pan alongside a 12 inch pan at the same time and each burner can be individually controlled.

We particularly love to use this when we car camp or go overlanding. It takes a 1lb propane tank that can be acquired from any store that sells sporting goods.

You could also use an attachment for a larger propane tank.

Pros/Two burners, wind blocking panels, folds flat


Bottom Line/Great for the outdoors as well as preparedness

2. Backpacking Stove


Backpacking Stove

These backpacker stoves are amazing to have on hand. Along with a canister of isobutane, this stove is small but mighty. Place any type of pot or pan on top of the stove and you’re on your way.

Its small size makes it perfect for hiking or backpacking. I love to have a few of these around in every pack just because they’re so lightweight and compact.

I usually place the stove and the canister inside of a bag together inside of my pack, keeps it organized.

Most stoves have a self igniting feature, but I have experienced them failing, so be sure to carry a lighter with you, just in case.

Pros/Lightweight, compact, easy to use

Cons/Self igniting feature tends to fail

Bottom Line/Great little stove to have on hand

3. Solo Stove Campfire


Solo Stove Campfire

Still want a fire while you camp? This is basically the perfect setup. It takes small twigs to get a powerful fire going, but the fire is contained within the stove.

Because it takes twigs, you don’t need to carry any additional fuel canisters.

It’s lightweight and compact so it’s perfect for just about any type of outdoor activity.

Pros/Lightweight, compact, uses twigs for a powerful fire

Cons/Fire may still be a concern for some areas in burn bans

Bottom Line/Great option for just about any adventure

4. Propane Outdoor Space Heater and Camping Stove


Propane Outdoor Space Heater and Camping Stove

This is a 2-in-1 system; it’s a stove, but it’s also a heater! You can cook your food or boil your water while you heat up your tent or blind (with adequate ventilation, of course).

It runs on propane and can heat up to 30 square meters, which is about 322 square feet.

Considering what it is, it’s lightweight and easy to pack and move around.

It also has tip over protection, it’ll turn off if it gets tipped over.

Pros/Heat and cook at the same time, tip over protection, lightweight

Cons/Best used in just cold conditions

Bottom Line/Great addition for cold weather adventures

5. BioLite Campstove


BioLite Campstove

Charge your devices while you cook your food!

This is a wood burning stove that burns twigs, sticks and other small biomass. As it burns, you can plug in a USB light, charge your phone or external battery.

It has a 3200 mAh internal battery that stores the energy for when you need it, so you don’t absolutely have to use it just while it’s burning, the energy can be used for later, too.

It’s efficient and powerful. Definitely something handy to have around for almost any occasion, even power outages.

Pros/Burns small biomass, charges with USB, internal battery


Bottom Line/Handy device for multiple occasions

A stove for every adventure

Whatever adventure you’re planning to have next, there’s a stove that’s perfect for you and your needs.

Which stoves will you add to your collection?

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