Best Rain Boots for Men of 2022

Published Jul 28, 2022 3:05 PM

Whether deep in the woods hunting or making your daily commute, every now and then you’re bound to run into wet weather. When that happens, you need a good set of rain boots to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable as you travel from point A to point B. And while there are a lot of men’s rain boots that claim to be waterproof, many aren’t. 

Men’s rain boots are made from watertight materials such as thick rubber and full grain genuine leather. They include such features as gusseted tongues, sealed seams, and waterproof liners that serve as barriers against water. Rain boots also range in height from 6-inches, which is ideal for moderate wet weather, up to 15 inches, which is suitable for walking through foot-deep streams and creeks. 

The top rain boots for men will also keep your feet comfortable with thick high density foam midsoles for shock absorption and rebound and cushioned footbeds. If you’re looking for a set of rain boots to keep your feet dry for those wet weather days, then read on to learn more about the best men’s rain boots for men.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Rain Boots for Men

Material and Type

It goes without saying that a good set of rain boots should keep your feet dry. But while many rain boots claim to be waterproof, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Just how waterproof a boot is depends on the material from which it’s made. 

Thick rubber is the most waterproof material for rain boots. The material will keep your feet dry even if your journeys take you through deeper waters. If you prefer the look and feel of leather over rubber, go with full-grain genuine leather. While it’s more expensive than cheaper nubuck leather, it consists of a single piece of animal hyde versus multiple pieces sewn together, so there are fewer places for water to pass through. 

Also consider the boot type. While pull-on boots offer the best protection against water since they lack an opening for the tongue, there are also quality lace-up rain boots. If you go with a lace-up rain boot, make sure it has a gusseted tongue, so water can’t enter the boot through the laces. 

Other waterproofing features to look for include waterproof liners, sealed seams and welted seams. 


In addition to keeping your feet dry, a good set of rain boots should also keep you upright. Rain boots fall into two categories: those designed for muddy or snowy terrain, and those designed for wet roads, sidewalks, and floors. The former should have deep, widely spaced lugs on the outsole, providing traction in mud or snow while also preventing debris from building up on the tread. Street rain boots should have a wedge sole that creates broad surface area contact with the street along with a tight tread. This design allows the outsoles to better grip smooth wet surfaces. 


A boot’s shaft is measured from the arch of the boot to the opening. A good rain boot should have a shaft that’s at least 6 inches high, providing enough coverage to keep your feet dry in deeper puddles without worrying about water finding its way into the boot opening. Some rain boots have shafts as high as 15 inches, allowing you to wade into streams and creeks. Keep in mind that while a higher shaft adds more protection, they offer less freedom of movement than rain boots with a shorter shaft. 


Like any other footwear, a good set of rainboots should also be comfortable. Look for boots with high-density foam or gel in the footbed, both of which will resist compression better than other materials. Many comfortable rain boots for men also have thick polyurethane midsoles, which offer rebound and shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable. 

Best Overall

Bogs Workman Waterproof Work Boots are the best overall rain boots for men.

Why It Made The Cut

Thick insulation, beefy lugs on the outsole, and a thick neoprene shaft make these boots ideal for snowy conditions. 

Key Features 

  • Sizes: 5-15 
  • Materials: Rubber and neoprene with fleece and foam insulation
  • Shaft Height: 17 inches


  • Insulated with fleece and thermal foam
  • Flexible neoprene shaft for better freedom of movement
  • Deep lugs for sloppy conditions 


While there are many rain boots out there that will keep your feet dry in deeper waters, there are few that can also keep them comfortable for a full day of standing on your feet. It’s the Bogs Workman boot’s ability to do both that sets it apart from the rest. 

To begin with, the boots are significantly lighter than other rain boots. That alone makes them more comfortable for long periods of wear. They also come equipped with heavy cushioning in the midsole, which gives the boots bounce and rebound that will save your legs. The rubber construction and 14.75-inch shaft height lets you wade through water, while a neoprene shaft hugs the calf and provides flexibility for walking. 

While these features are great, the most interesting feature of the Workman is their use of two midsoles. This gives the boots versatility, allowing you to use both for added cushioning and support or remove one if you have wider feet and need more room in the boot. The boots also have a cushioned collar sewn in the Achilles tendon area, which serves to lock the heel in place, preventing shifting that can cause blisters over time. As for traction, the Workman’s use an aggressive knobby tread that bites into dirt, mud or even snow for excellent grip. And, you won’t mind wearing them in snow, thanks to 5mm of Neo-Tech insulation and a double insole.

Best for Rain and Snow

MUCK Men’s Arctic Sport Winter Boot is the best boot for men for rain and snow.

Why It Made The Cut

Warm insulation, study lugs on the outsole, and a thick neoprene shaft make these boots ideal for snowy conditions.

Key Features 

  • Sizes: 5-15 
  • Materials: Rubber and neoprene with fleece and foam insulation
  • Shaft Height: 17 inches


  • Insulated with fleece and thermal foam
  • Flexible neoprene shaft for better freedom of movement
  • Good traction in sloppy conditions


Muck’s arctic boots may be on the pricey side, but if you spend your days in cold rain and snow, then the insulation they provide makes that additional investment worth it. The boots are equipped with 2mm of thermal foam under the footbed and a thick fleece lining, which provides insulation for sub freezing temperatures. They also feature an extra-tall 17-inch shaft, so you can wade into deeper standing water and slush without having to worry about water finding its way into the boot opening. Despite that tall shaft, these boots allow for good freedom of movement, thanks to a waterproof neoprene shaft flexible enough to allow for movement and won’t chafe your calves.

We also love the deep tread on these boots, which is substantial enough for trekking through snow with enough gaps between the lugs to prevent muck and ice from building up on the tread. 

Of course, none of that would matter if the rest of the boot didn’t hold up to harsh weather, and it does, thanks to a sealed rubber shell that extends to just above the ankle. Other notable features include a thick foam midsole that provides bounce and shock absorption and kick tabs that allow you to take off muddy boots without using your hands.

Best Chelsea Style

Xtratuf Men’s Legacy Chelsea Boot is the best Chelsea style rain boot for men.

Why It Made The Cut

With their stylish looks and watertight construction, these boots are ideal for wet commutes to the office. 

Key Features 

  • Sizes: 7-14 
  • Materials: Rubber sole with full grain leather upper
  • Shaft Height: 6 inches


  • Stylish look 
  • Waterproof rubber and full grain leather construction 
  • Non-slip tread


If your work happens to take you to an office as opposed to a warehouse floor or muddy field, then you’ll need a pair of rainboots that suit business casual attire. This classic Chelsea boot from Xtratuf is a great option. Unlike the more utilitarian looking rain boots on this list, this pair of boots has style, thanks to an attractive brown color and leather upper. Of course, looks mean nothing if you arrive at the office with sopping wet socks. These boots were designed for the extreme weather in Alaska, so you can count on them to keep your feet dry and warm. The triple-dipped rubber boots are 100-percent waterproof, not to mention acid and chemical resistant for jaunts through oily and grimy puddles on city streets. 

Plus, the uppers are made of full-grain leather, so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet even when an ill-advised step puts your foot in a water-filled pothole. The shaft offers good coverage at six inches high while the tread is designed to keep you upright on slick surfaces. The Chelsea’s are comfortable for all-day wear too, thanks to cushioned insoles with ample arch support.

Best Budget

Kamik Icebreaker Insulated Winter Boot is the best rain boot for the men for the budget.

Why It Made The Cut

The waterproof design and excellent outsole on these boots make them a great budget buy for rain boots.

Key Features 

  • Sizes: 7-15 
  • Materials: Rubber sole with felt inner lining
  • Shaft Height: 14.25 inches


  • Lace-up top keeps water out of the opening
  • Heavy rubber waterproof protections
  • Grippy outsole tread


  • Felt insole not particularly comfortable

For the price, which is less than half the cost of other rain boots, the Kamik Icebreakers give plenty of protection from wet weather. With its rubber construction and shaft height of 14.25 inches, you can wade into streams and creeks without worrying about our feet getting wet. It also features laces at the top of the shaft—a design you don’t see on most rubber rain boots—that close the boot tops around your ankle, providing more protection against splashes and rain that might otherwise find its way through the boot openings and to your feet. The deep lugs on the outsole provide excellent traction in wet or even snowy conditions

The boots also feature a thick felt insulation, which lines the entire interior of the boot, including the footbed. While this makes them a great boot for sub freezing temperatures, the felt footbed isn’t particularly comfortable, especially when compared to the high density foam cushioning of insoles found on higher end boots. The felt is also more likely to compact over time than a standard high density foam insole, leading to discomfort. And since the felt footbed is part of the entire liner, there isn’t any way to add an insole or replace the felt footbed with a different one. Despite this drawback, with their water-tight design and excellent tread, these boots are still a great option for those looking for an affordably priced set of rainboots.

Best for Work

Sorel Men’s Ankle Waterproof Boot is the best rain boot for men for work.

Why It Made The Cut

These boots are stylish and waterproof, making them ideal footwear for wet commutes to the office. 

Key Features 

  • Sizes: 7-15 
  • Materials: Full grain leather with rubber sole
  • Shaft Height: 6 inches


  • Wedge-style sole
  • Sealed seams
  • Grippy outsole tread


  • Nubuck leather construction

Sorel specializes in making boots that keep your feet dry and warm in harsh conditions while still being fashionable enough to wear to work. It’s that mix of form and function that makes this set of boots ideal for those who want a rain boot that can be worn to work or on a rainy night out. They feature full-grain genuine leather construction with a rubber sole and lace-up style. The boots also come in six different colors.

In addition to the seamless full-grain leather, the boots also use a welted seam and seam sealing to keep water at bay. The 6-inch shaft is tall enough to endure deeper puddles, and the wedge style outsole creates a large surface area for gripping wet pavement. A tread that consists of wide set deep lugs provide traction in sloppy conditions.  

In addition to being stylish and waterproof, Sorel also makes these boots comfortable with its use of a roomy moccasin style toe box that offers more flexibility while walking and a high density foam footbed molds to the feet and absorbs shock.

How I Made My Picks 

A good set of rain boots should have a mix of features that not only keep your feet dry and comfortable. Keeping that in mind, I used the following criteria to make my selections for my list of the top men’s rain boots. 

  • Waterproof: A set of rain boots is pretty much useless if it can’t perform its main job, which is to keep your feet dry. I chose boots that use waterproof materials including rubber and full-grain genuine leather. I also looked for boots with such waterproofing features as sealed seams, welted seams, and gusseted tongues.
  • Comfort: In addition to keeping your feet dry, a good rain boot should also be comfortable to wear. I chose boots with midsoles that consist of high density polyurethane foam, which provides bounce and rebound that reduce leg fatigue. I also chose models with foam or gel footbeds that help absorb impact while walking. 
  • Tread: Since rain boots are worn in wet and slippery conditions, it’s crucial that they keep you upright as well as dry. Keeping that in mind, I selected boots with deep treads and lug-style soles for muddy or snowy conditions. For boots designed for urban environments, I chose boots with large flat soles that maximize surface area contact for better traction.


Q: How much do good rain boots for men cost? 

Rain boots vary from as little as $65 to $200, depending on the quality of construction and material. Cheap rain boots for men are usually pull-on and are typically made of rubber. Expect to pay more for lace-up rain boots that use premium full-grain leather. 

Q: Should rain boots be one size bigger?

There’s usually no reason to go up a size when purchasing a pair of rain boots as boot manufacturers generally use the same sizing standards with rain boots as they do with all of their footwear. That said, some people prefer going up a half size for a pull-on rain boots to make the boot easier to take on and off. Keep in mind that going up a half size may cause your heel to shift upward while walking in the boot, creating a rubbing action that can create blisters on your heels. 

Q: Can you wear rain boots everyday?

How often you can wear rain boots depends on the type of boot itself. Many waterproof rain boots with a 6-inch shaft are comfortable enough for everyday use. These short rain boots for men also come in styles that are suitable for various environments. In comparison, a rubber rain boot with a 13-inch shaft might not be comfortable enough or stylish enough for everyday use. 

Q: What do you do if your rain boots are too big?

If your rain boots are too big, the best option is to change them with a better fitting size. If it’s too late to return them, you can replace the insoles with thicker insoles that make the boot fit more snugly. 

Q: How do you keep rain boots from chafing?

If the tops of your boots are chafing your legs as you walk, there are a couple of methods you can use to stop the rubbing. Add mole skin or a piece of smooth duct tape to the area or the part of the boot that’s chafing your leg. You can also turn down the top of the boot, making the shaft shorter. You can also wear long socks and pull them over the lip of the boot opening to create a buffer between the boot opening and your legs.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a good set of rain boots, be sure to purchase a pair that will offer the protection you need. If you’re planning on walking through deep puddles or even through shallow streams, consider going with a quality boot with a tall shaft, such as the Bogs Workman Waterproof Work Boots. If you’re looking for a boot that looks stylish enough to wear to the office or for a night out, then consider the Xtratuf Men’s Legacy Chelsea Boot, which combines waterproof rubber and leather construction with an attractive look.

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