Best Turkey Hunting Deals on Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops

If your turkey season isn’t in full swing already, then it is just around the corner. Gobblers are fired up all around the country and turkey hunters are heading into the woods in hopes of bagging a big tom. While some hunters might already be done for the season, most are still looking to punch their tag, and what better way to boost your odds than some new turkey gear.

Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops are offering a mid-season sale with many great deals on turkey hunting gear including, decoys, calls, boots, vests, and more. We’ve sorted through the deals to find pieces of gear we’d recommend to novice and experienced turkey hunters alike.

woodhaven turkey call

Woodhaven Custom Calls are a staple in the turkey hunting community. They have a reputation for making realistic and reliable box, friction, and mouth calls. This two-pack of mouth calls combines Woodhavens Red Wasp and Toxic Orange calls to give hunters a well-rounded arsenal. The Red Wasp has a top latex reed with a v-cut that can give a wide range of tones for all situations. The Toxic Orange is a 2.5 reed call with a ghost cut in the top reed. These two premium mouth calls should be in every turkey hunter’s vest, especially when they’re looking down the barrel and need that tom to close the last few yards.

turkey decoys

It’s hard to beat an Avian-X turkey decoy. They are extremely realistic, durable, and easy to set up. This jake and hen combo pack is perfect for bringing in wary gobblers that are hesitant to commit. The red head and lifelike look of the feathers and beard are designed to tempt aggressive gobblers. Paired with the hen decoy, this combo pack will be the last decoys you ever buy. The kit includes rubber molded legs, a carbon mounting stake, and a carry bag.

turkey vest

Turkey hunters carry a lot of gear. It’s just the nature of the game. Calls, shells, face masks, gloves, water, and decoys—the list goes on and on. If you aren’t organized in the field you might blow it when the time comes to pull the trigger. The RedHead Striker Elite Turkey Vest is great for keeping your gear organized. It has pockets for shells, a slate call, a box call, and multiple mouth calls. It is fully adjustable to keep you comfortable all day long and the hydration compatibility allows you to fill a water bladder so you stay refreshed. The flip-down seat makes for comfortable sitting and the large rear pocket is perfect for carrying a decoy.

Dryshod Wingfoot boot

The Dryshod Wingfoot XT Hunting Boots are built to keep you dry and comfortable. These boots are one hundred percent waterproof with a four-way stretch. They have high traction and MXT rubber outsoles with reinforced toes and heels. This boot will do well in the turkey woods, especially in the morning when everything is damp. Rubber boots aren’t always the best for hiking, but if you aren’t climbing mountains to find gobblers these should work just fine.

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