Best Ways to Make Coffee in the Field

Morgan Rogue   10.28.21

Best Ways to Make Coffee in the Field

Whether you want to make coffee in your RV, at a cabin, in your car or at your tent, there are some really fantastic ways to bring coffee along with you on any adventure without adding a bunch of extra supplies or weight. I’m a sucker for anything coffee related. I love all the different types of ways to make coffee in addition to all the different varieties of coffee available on the market. Here are what I feel are the best ways to make coffee in the field.


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1. Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + French Press – Editor’s Pick


Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + French Press - Editor's Pick

Stanley is known for their innovative and long lasting products. This coffee press lives up to their name. This works like a french press in the sense that you’ll bring the water to a boil then add the coffee grounds and press down, then drink! You could easily fit your ground coffee inside of this container when traveling and not in use.

Another added benefit of this system is that you can also boil water for other uses (like a freeze dried meal) or even warm up some soup in the container. It’s a triple threat of awesome!

Pros/Durable and easy to use

Cons/The handle can get hot

Bottom Line/This is one of my personal favorites for making fresh coffee while out and about

2. Mountain Mojo Collapsible Coffee Dripper


Mountain Mojo Collapsible Coffee Dripper

Have a favorite mug that you take with you on outdoor adventures? This simple coffee dripper is lightweight and will fit just about anywhere within your gear. All it needs is a coffee filter, coffee, a mug and you’re set! Makes great coffee and easy to use.

Pros/simple design, easy to carry

Cons/Takes some practice to get the right amount of coffee grounds for the cup

Bottom Line/An easy-to-use design that makes morning coffee easy and quick

3. Stanley Camp Percolator


Stanley Camp Percolator

There is definitely a bit of nostalgia with this kind of coffee pot. If you’re looking for some strong coffee, a percolator is where it’s at. There are several brands that make percolators but Stanley has been around a while and I really trust in their brand. The price is right, too, at $50 for a stainless steel product. This can keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours!

Pros/Classic and easy to brew with


Bottom Line/If you want a lot of strong coffee (and who doesn’t in camp) this is the way to do it

4. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker


AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

This is a really cool device. It looks like a french press but it’s more compact and it has microfilters built in to reduce bitterness and acidity level. Takes about 1 minute to press and can create between 1-3 cups of coffee. With its lightweight and compact design, it can go anywhere you do with ease. It is quite popular with coffee drinkers who use it not only out in the wilds, but at home, too.

Pros/No bitter coffee

Cons/Uses special filters

Bottom Line/French press style coffee makes that filters out the bitterness

5. BLUU SOLO Backpacking Camping Propane Stove


BLUU SOLO Backpacking Camping Propane Stove

This is an all-in-one system that uses propane/butane stove. You can boil water in it and heat up soups, but it also comes with a coffee press to make your coffee in. It’s on the bulkier side, especially because it needs an additional propane/butane camp stove, however, it’s not overly bulky or annoying. It’s a great option for those wanting a more all-in-one system.

Pros/All in one


Bottom Line/This is a great do-it-all option for someone looking for a compact camp stove with an option to make coffee without much extra equipment to buy

6. Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker – Deer Camp Favorite


Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker - Deer Camp Favorite

This is a coffee maker that looks a lot like the one you may have in your home, but it runs off a propane cylinder. It makes really good coffee that can be very strong, much like a percolator. It is perfect for camping adventures where you have several people clamoring for a cup in the morning. Uses standard coffee filters and brews 10 cups quickly and in any weather conditions where you can stand upright.

Pros/Works like a regular coffee maker, durability

Cons/Can scorch your coffee if you don’t remember to turn down the heat when you’re done brewing

Bottom Line/There are many people who swear by this coffee makers whenever they venture into the wilds

Coffee making tips for campers and outdoor enthusiasts

Making coffee while out in the woods is a must for many of us. There is just nothing like waking up on a crisp morning, rolling out of the tent and making that first cup of joe over the campfire while the birds are chirping, and the wind flutters through the trees. It seems to make it taste just that much better. Here’s some tips to make the experience easier.

Pack light – Unless you’re camping out of the back of the truck, or using an RV, you’re not going to have a lot of extra space for coffee making supplies.

Clean up – If you have used coffee filters, you can usually dispose of them either in the campfire, or by burying them if they are biodegradable. Don’t just toss them into the grass.

Stay warm – If it’s REALLY cold, an old trick is to take an acrylic water bottle and make a boiling-hot pot of coffee before you go to bed. Fill the bottle and seal it shut it tight. Toss the full bottle of HOT coffee into the bottom of your sleeping bag. It will stay hot for hours and may very well be hot enough to drink in the morning.

How long do you let coffee percolate over a campfire?

You want to wait until the water/coffee in the percolator is boiling. As soon as it is, you need to move the pot away from direct flame and have it near the edge. If it boils over or sits too long on the fire, the coffee will have a nasty, bitter burnt taste to it.

We always set the pot to where it is close enough to stay hot, but far enough away that the water isn’t boiling anymore. A good heat glove or mitt is a must!

How are a French press and a percolator different?

A french press immerses the coffee grounds in hot water and uses pressure from the press itself to force the water through the coffee grounds. It is very popular with certain groups and can make for strong coffee.

A percolator is an older way of making coffee. It uses the pressure created by the boiling water to “pump” the hot water up and over the coffee grounds before filtering it back into the pt via gravity. Percolators are well known for making strong, good-tasting coffee.

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