Brady Perron highlights Joona Kangas in this magnetizing edit from Kimbo Sessions ’22

Quality is a notoriously difficult term to define. As Robert M. Pirsig, author of the cult classic book ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ has written about extensively, Quality is not something that can be whittled down to numbers and explanations. There is no universal formula, measurement, or level when it comes to testing Quality, and yet, we are all inexplicably aware of its presence in everything from music, to paintings, even ski films.

Brady Perron is someone who has been creating projects that are undeniably filled with Quality for several years now. One great project could be considered the product of circumstance; an enjoyable outcome that resulted from great timing or conditions. However, from ‘Nuance‘ to ‘Freehand‘, Brady’s recent works are spectacular, and there is little to no chatter that says otherwise. The growing list of incredible works that Perron has either headed up or had a hand in through the recent years is filled with some of the best names in skiing, and he’s done more than just showcase them in their element. Making great use of his own vision and style behind the lens, Brady has carefully crafted a unique style that makes his edits recognizable from miles away.

Most recently, Brady pointed his camera at Finland’s own Joona Kangas. The beloved ripper served as the perfect muse during this years Kimbo Sessions, skiing with the textbook style and finesse that we’ve come to expect from him. The two are perfect examples of that illusive Quality that we hunger for. It’s easy to spot and difficult to produce, but once spotted in a skier or filmer, an insatiable drive for more is hard to stave off. This duo is easily one of the finest in the game, and while it might be hard to describe what gives them their flair, it sure is easy to watch.

Shouts to K2 for funding projects like these, that push skiing and art forward hand in hand.

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