Camping—5 Amazing Destinations To Try Right Now

Spring comes early to Tennessee, which means the camping season starts early, too. One of the best places to set up camp is at the Pickett CCC Memorial State Park, which covers more than 19,200 acres on its own. But the park also sits adjacent to the 125,000 acre Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, which means there is plenty of wilderness to explore.

Activities: Visitors will discover seemingly endless miles of towering bluffs and twisting gorges to explore, with numerous rivers and streams crisscrossing the area. Options for staying busy include plenty of hiking, rock climbing, and fishing, with exceptional whitewater kayaking in the spring months too.

Reservations: Pickett State Park features 31 campsites in total, with a mix of RV and primitive options. Those looking to truly escape the crowds can elect to hike to a backcountry location as well, where they’ll not only find plenty of peace and quiet, but amazing views of night sky too. Reservations can be made on the Tennessee state parks website.

How To Find Great Camping Spots Near You:

If you’re looking to discover the best camping (or hiking, fishing, and hunting) locations near you, head to the Step Outside home page and enter your zip code or the name of the city you wish to visit. Our search engine will automatically populate the interactive map on the page to help you locate the top trails, campsites, public lands, and other places that will allow you to explore all of the options for outdoor recreation in your area.

The Step Outside search engine will drop a pin on the map to represent all of the options found in your area. Those pins can be clicked on to learn more information about those places, including addresses and a brief description of what can be found there. In many cases, you’ll even find a link to an official website for that place, which can help when looking to reserve cabins or campsites or finding permits for other activities.

When traveling to another part of the country, the Step Outside website can be a useful tool when planning for your trip, too. Just enter the location that you’ll be visiting to see a list of options for outdoor activities in that place as well. This can come in handy when searching for campsites while on vacation for instance or when looking for good hiking trails near cities and towns where you’ll be staying.


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