Classic Podcast: Panfish on the Fly, with Bart Lombardo


Panfish are the way many of us relieve the frustration of snotty trout, spooky carp, or saltwater fish that can’t be reached because of bad weather. They’re always on the prowl for a snack and are seldom very fussy. But you do need to know where to find them, and to catch the larger specimens, a little finesse is often required. So this week, I talk to Bart Lombardo, creator of Panfish on the Fly. We concentrate on the sunfish family. Although many smaller freshwater fish fit into the panfish category, sunfish are the most abundant and widely distributed. I think you find some great tips for maximizing your fun with these feisty little guys.

In The Fly Box this week, we explore a number of interesting questions and suggestions:

    • Is there one rod I can use for both tightline (Euro) nymphing and dry flies?
    • I found out why my knots were breaking on tippet rings!
    • Rattles for redfish.
    • When you might want tapered leaders for bass.
    • What is the difference between freshwater and saltwater fly lines, and the difference between coldwater and warmwater lines?
    • What lines do I need for coastal fishing in the Northeast?
    • Do I need to take special care when wearing wading boots on my inflatable SUP?
    • What do you eat to keep going during a full day of fishing?
    • Can I imitate both Hendricksons and March browns with one fly pattern?
    • Can I use my 6-weight Clearwater rod for stocked trout?
    • What does good carp water look like?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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