CRKT Releases Limited Edition Sequel to the Squid


CRKT Releases Limited Edition Sequel to the Squid

CRKT has just revealed a brand new, limited edition, premium se

CRKT has just revealed a brand new, limited edition, premium sequel to the Lucas Burnley Squid, the Squid II. New materials, new specs, and a new-to-the-line locking mechanism are on tap for this souped up followup.

The Squid is one of CRKT’s most popular models, and as such has received quite a few variations/expansions over the years. In broad strokes, however, the Squid family can be divided by size: the original model, with a blade length of 2.25 inches, and the newer Squid XM, which bumped the blade length up to the 3 inch line. The Squid II falls right in between these numbers, with a blade length of 2.68 inches. The instantly recognizable Squid blade shape, a sort of snub-nosed spear point, has of course been retained on this sequel, although in a premium flourish it has been given a crowned spine.

Over the years CRKT produced the Squid with thumb stud only, as well as a spring assisted thumb stud/flipper combo. The Squid II is completely manual (equipped with an IKBS pivot), and includes both the thumb stud and flipper tab. Produced by an Italian OEM, the Squid II’s blade steel is M390 – a first in the model line and, we think it’s fair to say, the most advanced steel ever implemented on this typically budget-oriented workhorse.

The liners are just a tad proud of the scales on the Squid II

Looking at the handle, we see that, new proportions aside, the Squid II doesn’t fall far from the family tree. That oval profile, well-suited to the full spectrum of everyday carry grips, has been carried forward here. In a first for any Squid model of any size, the Squid II features a liner lock rather than a frame lock, which means that both the front and back scales can be made from the show side material, which in this case is OD green Micarta – and the scales are ever so slightly letterboxed, too. The Squid II’s loop over pocket clip is new in look if not in function, and in total the Squid II weighs 4.8 oz., so it still hits that “Tiny Tank” feel that has been a key element of the Squid since the standard stainless steel model debuted way back when.

As mentioned above, the Squid II is a limited edition, with just 500 pieces available now directly from CRKT themselves. No word yet on whether the Squid II will eventually be part of CRKT’s line on an ongoing basis, but here’s hoping.

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