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Located in OKC Oklahoma. Can be pulled virtually anywhere your rig can drive.

The box started life as an S250 Military communications enclosure. Based on the Part Number, it looks like this one was for Guided Missle systems (P/N 13100565-2). I’ve converted it into a go-anywhere camper. You can search Google or DuckDuckGo images for “S250 Military Enclosure Camper” and see other examples. To start with it is made of an interior and exterior aluminum skin with foam insulation and wood strip framing. The shelving are made of HEAVY-DUTY aluminum plate. There is a floor drain that could be converted to use as a sink drain or even as a urinal drain if necessary. Originally these were made to mount into the bed of a square-body chevy 1Ton 4×4 or Hummer H1 or M101A1 trailer. With proper consideration for mounting points, it should mount into any truck bed with a minimum 1/2 ton capacity, that has at least 49″ between the wheel wells and is over 87″ (7’3″) long on the inside measurements. I’ve currently mounted it to a lifted 6’x10′ flat bed trailer to make it easier to access and am using chains with tension latches to secure it to the trailer frame.

Trailer has A 2″ ball with new working LED tail-ligts and a 4 PIN connector. NEW taller and wider tires (approx 3k miles) and the axle was flipped on the trailer to give another 4″ of clearance. This trailer can really be taken into some rugged off-road landscapes or pulled down the highway with ease. There is plenty of outside storage for propane tanks and cookers, tarps and gear. Most parks out west won’t allow cooking fires with wood or charcoal so propane cooking is the way to go. It’s still small enough to be very maneuverable in tight situations and narrow roads and can fit in small parking areas.

One equipped person could live out of it pretty easily. It could sleep two for a time if they’re familiar or it could provide extended power and support for a larger group of tented campers. There is plenty of internal storage for water, groceries, cooking / camping gear and wardrobe with anchor points and even a perfect spot for larger ice-chests or ice-chest style DC fridge. It can be pulled into remote locations and provides excellent protection from wind and elements. It can also be dropped on location for a more permanent installation / power station / long-term camper / drilling location.

It has a 335W Panasonic VBHN335SA17 Solar panel mounted on top. This isn’t one you can buy at harbor freight or order from Amazon. It is a true Panasonic commercial panel with a 20 year warranty. The power runs into an all-in-one 3000W PV MPPA Charge Controller / Pure Sine inverter. There is an external plug on the left outside for 110V Shore-Power to run the system and charge the batteries at campgrounds or during extended covered storage. Product Description:

The controller charges two 12v 90AH deep cycle SLA batteries connected in series for a 24V primary system. The interior has LED dimmable lighting (24V), a squirrel-cage exhaust fan(24V), a Diesel HEATER with thermostat (24V) and fully fused 110V and 12V subsystems with front and rear internal GFCI plugs. PVC antenna mast for TV or Radio/CB antenna. A small generator could be added making it possible to mount a small shore-powered window-style or portable-style AC unit with some modifications.

It will keep your DC fridge (24V for best results) cold 24/7 plus any other small AC or DC lights / electronics you might need in moderation. With more / better batteries, it could be a solid extended-term solar generator for your remote property, deer camp or for power emergencies at home. Correctly anchored to a concrete foundation, it could make a proper storm shelter.

I’ve camped in it down below freezing and it’s a champ if you have a pad, pillow and good sleeping bag. I never even needed to try out the heater but believe it is most likely functioning as it has never-ever been used. The box weighs about 1000 pounds with the solar setup. With the trailer I think it probably weighs about 2300 pounds with about 140 pound tongue weight unloaded.

It’s ready to hit the road today. Mountain camping, desert camping, river camping ready. Keep it on the trailer or mount it in your truck and use the trailer to bring more gear.

$4500 as-is. I can remove the solar setup and sell the box and trailer bare for $3500.

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tow ball spare tire solution : overlanding

tow ball spare tire solution : overlanding

So I live in Sweden/ Europe where tow hitches is not a thing, instead tow balls

Hi, My Hilux

Hi, My Hilux

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