Dirk Pinkerton Urban Bowie Next up for Kizer Friday Treatment

The Dirk Pinkerton-designed Urban Bowie is the latest Kizer Cutlery model getting the Friday Club treatment. A new limited version of the compact EDC knife comes with dressed up scales that still keep the price reasonable.

The standard Urban Bowie is among the newest blades in Pinkerton’s production output, and it really showcases the maker’s range. Compared to the hard angles and aggressive profiles of knives like the Fire Ant and the Nomad, the Urban Bowie is friendly, cute, compact. Look at the blade shape, a 2.37-inch bowie clip that brings a ton of belly to the table, on top of the usual high piercing performance any bowie delivers. The blade steel on the standard model – and on this special edition – is 154CM, a steel that Kizer in particular favors. Modern metallurgy may have surpassed 154CM, but it still performs well and keeps this limited edition at a very reasonable, sub-$100 price.

The ebony wood is coated to help prevent shrinkage

Barring his more specialized releases, Pinkerton hews to simple handle forms, and that philosophy was definitely carried through on the Urban Bowie: just a good old fashioned, curving shape with no extravagant ergonomic frills. It’s just big enough to accommodate a full four finger grip, but at 3.39 inches, it’s really quite a compact handle overall. Of course the small size also helps to keep the weight down, with the standard, full production Urban Bowie weighing 2.84 oz.

The Friday Club special editions are more about fun, collectible variations than explicitly higher-end models (although that is of course sometimes the case). The Kizer Friday Urban Bowie’s big change-up is in the handle material; the company swapped out the synthetics and opted for ebony wood scales instead, with flowing lines carved over both scales. One disadvantage that wood has compared to G-10 or Micarta is its susceptibility to the elements, which can lead to shrinking. Kizer hopes to shore up that particular problem with a wax topcoating on these ebony scales. The handle swap does provide a small benefit beyond the aesthetic, however; the Ebony Urban Bowie weighs a fifth of an ounce less than its G-10 sibling.

Thankfully the Ebon Urban Bowie is not connected with Star Wars like the recent Sith Stormtrooper Feist, so we don’t have to be embarrassed by our lack of Star Wars knowledge again. You’ll be able to pick it up this one up tomorrow, Friday, August 19th.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Cutlery Ebony Urban Bowie

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