Doctor EDC Creates Kitchen Knife for First Independent Project


Doctor EDC Creates Kitchen Knife for First Independent Project

Yue Dong, known online as Doctor EDC, is crowdfunding his

Yue Dong, known online as Doctor EDC, is crowdfunding his first ever independent knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife project, the Vostheed Morgan. Unlike Dong’s previous work with Kizer in the production folder world, the Vostheed Morgan is kitchen knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife, which brings with it an entirely different set of design challenges.

Part of that challenge, according to the Doctor, is that a kitchen knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife project demands more engineering than design. “In my humble opinion, most mid-to-high-end quality production folding knives are functional art pieces,” he says. “By that I mean consumers tend to pay more attention to the shape and form of the knives than to the actual functionality of the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife.” In most circumstances, even a well-used EDC knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife doesn’t see that much action on a day-to-day basis. “It’s safe to say that on average, not too many people use their folding knives for over two or three hours per day.”

Putting custom knives to one side, Doctor EDC notes that it’s almost the opposite situation for kitchen knives. “In contrast, chef knives are tools with some artistic elements,” he continues. “A large percentage of the chef knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife buyers have used their chef knives for more than an hour a day. More often than not, most of the buyer’s concerns are about functionality as well as durability.”

Doctor EDC’s approach with the Morgan was to marry Western knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife profile to with Eastern kitchen knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife geometry. Thus this knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife (in the chef knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife size) has an 8-inch blade, with an edge profile that is one long, continuous curve, but an asymmetrical edge bevel: 18 degrees on one side, and 12 degrees on the other. Doctor EDC explains the logic here, citing Japanese knives like the yanagi ba as an inspiration. “Usually, when we need to do repeated cuts in food preparation, we hold the food steady with our non-knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife hands, curl our fingers into a claw and tuck our knuckles underneath, rest the flat side of the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife on our knuckles, and apply force to the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife,” Doctor EDC says. “By doing so, we created a non-vertical angle between the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife and the cutting board. The smaller bevel angle makes it easier for us to have a clean and fast cut (especially for pull-cut), while the slightly larger bevel angle provides some edge strength and makes it easier for the cut piece to leave the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife.”

The G-10 handle comes with a special surface treatment that makes it easy to clean

The Morgan design comes in three different lengths: the aforementioned 8-inch Chef knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">Knife, a 7-inch Santoku, and a 5-inch Utility knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife. Across the board the materials are the same. The blade steel is 9Cr18MoV, a solid stainless popular in quality-focused budget knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife designs due to its amenable balance of characteristics. The handle scales are black G-10, laid over a full tang construction. Worth noting, however, is that the Santoku and Utility knives are only available as part of a 3-piece set with the Chef’s knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">Knife, while the latter is available on its own as well.

It wasn’t just the design process that was different compared to a folding knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife; Doctor EDC tells us the entire production scene is different. “The supply chain of chef knives is decentralized, and only a few factories provide a one-stop solution for the designers. In my case, because my quantity is small, my friends and I have used all our formal and informal connections to secure different parts manufacturers.” But despite the difficulties, he says the end result was worth it, both in terms of the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife itself and the insights its creation brought. “The whole process took a lot of time, energy, planning, and patience. With that being said, this unique experience has given us a deep and rich understanding of the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife and kitchenware industries.”

Doctor EDC also looks forward to more independent works in the future. “First of all, I want to give a special shoutout to the owner of Kizer,” he tells us, noting that the company provided him with his first international platform to showcase his design chops. “I plan to do more independent work in the future. I think it’s the best way for me to have more time with my family, as well as with the friends that I made through the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife community.”

The Morgan project is live now on Kickstarter, and open for funding through January 13th.

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