Early 2021 Böker Flipper Gets Slipjoint Variant

Böker is bringing one of its 2021 flippers, the Cataclyst, into their slipjoint 42 series. Despite its non-locking construction, the Cataclyst 42 keeps almost everything about the original design intact, including some elements that are uncommon for slipjoint knives.

The first Cataclyst was among the new faces in Böker’s Q1 batch of releases. Designed by the Böker team themselves, it looked smart and gentlemanly with its decorative fuller, satin finish, and 2.95-inch blade length. Its full titanium handle scales and D2 steel nudged it in a more premium direction than the average Böker Plus model.

Obviously, the Cataclyst 42 ditches the frame lock – although you wouldn’t necessarily know it at a glance, because there does seem to be a lock bar of some sort on the off-side. In fact, this is where a detent ball is located, which keeps the blade secure (but not locked) in the open position; it’s a style of slipjoint we’ve seen before from Serge Panchenko and others. This setup allows the Cataclyst 42 to retain the ball-bearing flipper opening method of the frame lock model, something that would be difficult or even impossible with the standard spring-style slippie setup.

The Cataclyst 42’s detent bar mechanism looks like a frame lock

The blade length, shape, and steel are maintained here and so, for the most part, the Cataclyst 42 will be capable of the same kind of cutting chores as its locking predecessor, while being legal to carry in more places around the world. The lockless 42 variation is releasing alongside another Cataclyst variant, an all black model with a coated 440C blade, G-10 front scale, and stainless steel frame lock.

The 42 series doesn’t often headline things, but its quite an extensive sub-series within the Böker Plus catalog. Lots of models have been given the 42 slipjoint treatment, including the Urban Trapper and the Lancer.

Both the Cataclyst 42 and the all black Cataclyst are set to release in December.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Cataclyst 42

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