F350 Overlander Advice : overlanding

Getting out of the big RV game and looking at a more long weekend friendly type camping, specially getting off the main road. We are keeping our mostly stock F350 (offroad package, SRW, diesel) and want to make her turn a more capable machine. It’s not the most nimble vehicle but we’re fine staying within her capabilities. We are looking for is something more Safari offroad vs Moab offroad capable.

Dumb questions ahoy:

– What are some full size truck specific tools that we need to make sure we have? Are maxtrax rated for vehicles this big? Already have the general stuff, air compressor, bottle jack, impact wrench, etc.

– What are the benefits of an upgraded suspension? (Carli?) She already has decent clearance for what we need so I dont want a big lift or leveling or whatever.

– What all purpose tires are best recommended, especially if we are worried about sharp rocks? Right now she has Michelin defenders.

– I plan on getting a tire pressure monitoring system, are there any other electronic monitoring systems that have data overlanding/offroading diesel drivers can benefit from? The only things I can currently keep an eye on are oil/trans/air intake temps.

– We could be on the trail for awhile so we may rely on her to power and recharge several batteries/fridges/etc. Does anyone benefit from an upgraded alternator? I am building out a solar generator kit so its not a huge deal but still something.

– Shes going to need some new brakes here in a bit, shes a heavy girl so should I look at enhanced brake pads/rotors when it’s time for a new set for more stopping power/better cooling?

– Bigger air cold air intake? Yay or nay?

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