Featured Lure: Fat Cow’s Fat Minnow

I was mid-stride chasing a fast-moving blitz down Long Island’s North Shore, the crunching of pebbles and shells sounding like shattered glass as they grind between the packed sand and my studded wading boots. With eyes fixed on a ball of whitewater that seemed to be moving a mile a minute, I cast a Fat Minnow epoxy jig directly into the fray. Small peanut bunker leapt from the water in droves, followed by brief explosions of foam, and as I prayed for a drag-screaming false albacore, the Fat Minnow jig met the lip of a 25-inch schoolie striped bass.  

The new 3 1/2 inch, shatter-proof Fat Cow jig is available in 5 colors, in weights of 1 1/2 oz. and 2 oz.

In 2015 Uncle Josh pork rind trailers, well-known to surfcasters across the Northeast, halted all production of their pork rind products. This left a massive void in the tackle boxes of striper fishermen looking for durable trailers for bucktail jigs, tube-and-worm rigs, and more.  

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