Gazelle T3X and Oztent Gecko Stretcher Cot review! : overlanding

Hey everyone!

Heres my review of both the Gazelle T3X tent, and the Oztent Gecko Stretcher cot! I am planning on driving the Pan American Highway next year, so I bought this tent and cot. I just got back from a week long trip to test them out.

After using them for 6 of the 7 days/nights, I can confidently recommend both of these products! Both are really high quality and should last for years.

In this video, I take the tent to camp during a thunderstorm, and to a cool river. I go over how easy it is to set both up, what I like, some issues, and more!

About me and my channel:

My name is Jay and I have a youtube channel called Ancient Overland. I like to go camping/overlanding/whatever in my 2010 Subaru Forester, called Penny! I do gear reviews, try to stay on a budget, do minimal builds and my trips tend to have a focus on ancient history and/or getting to amazing remote campspots. In season 1, I went all over the SW US and saw tons of cliff dwellings, pueblos and rock art like pictographs and petroglyphs!

Since then, my focus has been on building up my Forester to be ready to drive the Pan Am Highway. I hope you can gain some inspiration or learn something from my channel. Thanks so much for watching!

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