Guidance on Roof Racks & Crossbars : overlanding

Over the Covid Times, I built out my Jeep JKU and RTT for camping, trail riding, etc, and I really like it. However, my love affair with roof top tents is wearing thin (the biggest issue is not being able to do anything once the tent is set up – so going on camping outings where it might be nice to be able to go to the store or drive to a hiking trailhead are a challenge).

I’ve thought about the trailer model a lot – where I mount my tent and other gear on a trailer and that can stay at the campsite. But commercial overland trailers are STUPID expensive, and really not what I’m looking for.

Govplanet has gobs of trailers (like this M1102 trailer ) that are reasonably priced, and I can probably get it moved to my location without too much expense (given that people are selling military trailers locally for $2000 that are piles of rust and despair, I think I can do this cheaper).

I am a decent DIY-er. I can weld, cut, maintain, paint, build, etc – I know thi trailer will need to be modded (for instance, it has a pintle hitch, which’ll need to be replaced with a 2″ ball). I’m assuming I’ll need to revamp the axle and brakes as well. After that I’m considering a raisable platform to mount the tent, then storage for gear and kitchen materials underneath.

I think it’ll look dope as hell, be absolutely capable, and still cost me less than people charge for ‘overland trailers’.

Am I nuts? :). I know that govplanet Humvees are nigh on impossible to get street legal, but I don’t think the same is true for the trailers.


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