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It’s smack in the middle of winter and, regardless of whether we are inside or outdoors, many of us find ourselves a bit cold at times. We just need a little something to help warm us up. One way to do that is with a heated vest.

Venustas makes a heated vest for women which I have found to provide quick and long-lasting warmth for my body. Thin carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across the collar, the middle back, and underneath two front pockets. This setup generally keeps the core of your body warm, though I would like a heating element located at the lower back where I frequently feel the cold when I am outside. The heat can be adjusted with three settings: high, medium, and low. This vest, which comes in black or beige, is made of 100% nylon, has a zip closure, and is machine washable. The women’s vest has a streamlined fit which I feel keeps the heat close to the body. The size chart is helpful to ensure a good fit.

The vest is heated with 7.4V 5000mAh certified battery, advertised to operate up to 8-9 hours on low, 5-6 hours on medium, or 3 hours on high on a single charge. The battery pack has a DC charging port which takes four and a half hours to fully charge. The battery pack, which sits in a pocket when in use, has a USB port to charge your phone or smart devices if needed.


There are times when I get a little cold – sitting outside at a late season football game, or even inside if I’m not doing much – and a heated vest just gives me that quick boost of warmth. The Venustas gives me that option.

Pros: quick warmth; good fit. Cons: bulky battery pack; power indicator light is located on the outside of the vest which is annoyingly visible.

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