Iran Part 3 of 3

This is our last round of photos from Iran, It is missing heaps from in town as this is an overland sub, and I figured you didnt care for the classic architecture. anyways on we go,

The trip resumes at the gates of Persepolis, the start of the persian empire. what a place!!! followed by some amazing waterfalls and mountain driving on the way back to Isfahan.

We left Isfahan and headed north into the forests where we spent the last of our trip relaxed and in good spirits. well except for the -4c nights again, but no snow, so we will take the win. the cat is over the moon for the cool weather and proceeds to spend a solid 3 hours running around camp having a blast.

Next up we arrive at the Caspian sea, where we take some photos, eat at a restaurant shaped like a boat and grab a ton of coconut flavoured cooking from the factory in town. The forests are protected and beautiful as its very difficult to get off the road or do any type of illegal logging. But the next night after we left the forest we ended up on green plains which were stunning.

We moved on to see some 9000 year old carvings and camped on top of the hill next to the mountains that house Babak Fort, worth reading the history on. a very cool place, and a walk that is worth it.

Crossing into Armenia was easy, after the cluster on the Iran side, they even stung me 80USD for fuel, luckily they dont know I have a second tank, so technically I won. they even checked my jerry can to ensure empty. so that is the end of 1.50 USD fuel ups for me, time for tears. getting across the bridge to armenia would be my last hurdle, as I am holding up truckers and they have issues with the Australian paperwork, as most countries cant believe we dont have a vehicle card, just a junky piece of rego paper that is actually a bill.. lolBut we make it, first stop, customs, 1 year permit – check stop number 2 – bottle shop. Time for a beer. and some pork when I get to a butcher.

We did a total of just about 7500kms in Iran, got 547 free liters of diesel and had an absolute blast.

Any questions feel free to ask. Cheers

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