Ivan Braginets Fashions Finger Ring Furrier Fixed Blade


Ivan Braginets Fashions Finger Ring Furrier Fixed Blade

Real Steel Knives debuted a new fixed blade design, a compact o

Real Steel Knives debuted a new fixed blade design, a compact outdoors knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife called the Furrier. Designed by RSK stalwart Ivan Braginets, the Furrier brings the karambit finger ring into a totally different knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife genre.

Although we called the Furrier an outdoors knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife, it is, more specifically, designed for skinning. It will be available in two different blade shapes, one that is called a Skinner blade, and the other the Harpoon. The Harpoon shape speaks for itself, with a by-the-book drop point shape livened up by a raised harpoon swedge. This version of the Furrier looks to be a good choice for users who might want to use it in a more generalized cutting role as well as for skinning.

The harpoon blade Furrier, with the leather sheath

Meanwhile, the Skinner blade’s bellied-out drop point provides a more aggressive cutting geometry; the tip is high enough to pierce when needed, but dropped far enough to prevent accidental punctures (a particular problem for skinning). Both blades have a length of 2.99 inches, which keeps them nice and maneuverable too. N690Co steel is on both versions, in our opinion a very solid choice for the intended role, with commendable edge retention and lots of stain resistance.

Skinning is a specific, unusual role for a knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife. Fitting, then, that the Furrier’s handle comes decked out with an unusual feature. It’s not the overall profile, whose basic cuts and curves won’t surprise or disappoint anyone, but the inclusion of a karambit-style finger ring on the back end. The choice is an interesting one, but makes sense after some consideration. Skinning is a delicate chore that demands not only high levels of control, but also maneuverability, flexibility; by keeping the pinky finger in the ring, users can rotate between different grips quickly, without any fear of dropping the knives/blades/knives.html" 15179 target="_blank">knife. Beyond the presence of this finger ring, all the expected details and traits are in place: contoured scales (from either olive wood or Micarta), full tang construction, and even a suitably rustic leather sheath.

The Furrier will be available soon.

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