Joona Kangas 20/21 Recap – ‘Land of the Darker Sun’

Welcome to yet another Joona Kangas signature hammer of an edit. He has been a heavy hitting name on the scene for several years now, and to say he’s put in the work would be a gross understatement. Born and raised in Finland, Joona’s smooth surfing style has been something of a work of art to watch develop. You can find him tearing it up across Euro-land with his good pals over in the Keesh crew, or up in Levi, Finland, absolutely greasing up every single rail and jump in sight. His recent “Walk in the Park” edit with Jiberish is a testament to his prowess of looking beyond what’s given, and finding the line he likes.

“Land of the Darker Sun” is a recap of Joona’s skiing through the 2020/2021 winter. Made with the helping hands of many individuals, including Samï Ortlieb and Daniel Loosli behind the cam, as well as recently signed Quicksilver style bender Antti Ollila on the editing, this 4 minute recap has everything you could hope for. Tail taps, buttah, and more air than the doctor recommends. The fellas roam across the European ski scene, voyaging from the Swiss Alps up to Riksgränsen, and even over to the Finnish Lapland. That beautifully sparse area has been home to so many incredible segments over the recent years, it feels natural to add this Finnish natives name to the list. Smack that play button and enjoy this well pieced together collection from one of skiing finest.

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