Kingdom Armory Collab Headlines Spyderco Reveal No. 9

Despite the recent changeup to their release/reveal process, we were still expecting a Spyderco Product Reveal to go live this month – and today, it has. Spyderco Reveal No. 9 introduces a collaboration model from a well-known custom maker, and expansions to several existing product lines as well.


David Rydbom of Kingdom Armory makes his Spyderco debut with the Stovepipe [see feature image above], a high-end production Spydie based on his Bill the Butcher knife. The Stovepipe has that angular, clean, overbuilt Kingdom Armory aesthetic in spades, with a 2.78-inch cleaver blade made from CPM-20CV. The handle scales are made from titanium, and the big pivot screw pulls double duty as an overtravel stop for the frame lock.

Stretch 2 XL

The name says it all: Spyderco returned to this classic Sal Glesser design and made it bigger. The Stretch 2 XL has a blade length of 3.92 inches, expanding the capabilities of that leaf-like drop point. Black FRN scales and VG-10 steel give it that classic Spyderco vibe.

Sprint Runs

Two Sprint models were also revealed. We’ll be seeing the release of a limited edition Yojumbo, prettied up with full peel ply carbon fiber scales and an S90V blade steel. Accompanying it is a Sprint Run Urban, its opposite in almost every way: it has a tiny, non-locking 2.44 inch leaf blade, here made form Damasteel; tasteful ivory G-10 scales compliment the glamorous blade of this special Slipit.

Minarai Murray Carter Knives

These are budget-conscious versions of Spyderco’s five core Murray Carter kitchen knife collab: the Petty, Nakiri, Funayuki, Bunka Bocho, and Gyuto. These knives first debuted in high-end Itamae trim; the Minarai variations have injection-molded plastic handles and CTS-BD1 steel to keep the price down.

Byrd Wharncliffe Models

Since the debut of the Wharncliffe Delica in 2016, we’ve witnessed the slow but steady wharncliffe-ization of many Spyderco knives – and now the process has moved to the Byrd line. Four Byrd models – the Harrier 2, Cara Cara 2, Meadowlark 2, and Robin 2 – are all getting plain and serrated wharncliffe blade options.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Stovepipe

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