Kizer Emphasizes Ergonomics with the Comfort Collaboration

Kizer Cutlery’s latest release brings a new collaborator on board, and places an emphasis on one of the most important areas of folding knife design: the handle. The Michael Pretsch-designed Comfort has a handle with unusually full dimensions, mated to a Scandinavian blade profile.

The standout feature on the Comfort is, of course, that handle. Not so much the shape, with its basic, grooveless, slightly trapezoidal shape; but the especially thick, red, contoured G-10 scales. In an industry where the mindset is often “The thinner the better,” the Comfort dares to build its handle up to a thickness of .75 inches. To put that in perspective, that’s a quarter of an inch thicker than the Kizer Begleiter, and .31″ thicker than the full ti Gemini. Such ample dimensions ably accommodate most any hand size, and remain comfortable for long periods of cutting chores. Steel liners are underneath the scales, and the Comfort’s off-side there’s a liner lock leaf. The extra girth does contribute to a heavier knife; the Comfort weighs 5.9 oz. and comes with a loop over clip for deep pocket carry.

The Comfort’s clip should keep this burly blade secure

For all the interest generated by that husky handle, the Comfort’s blade is no slouch when it comes to unusual elements. Made from 154CM, measuring 3.25 inches long, and opened with a friction folder-esque extended tang, it’s a riff on the puukko (which, along with that round red handle puts us in mind of the traditional Mora puukko). It’s a blade shape that’s certainly EDC-worthy, but particularly well-adapted for working with wood and other outdoors chores. It’s in this latter role that the Comfort’s big ol’ handle will probably really shine, keeping users’ hands from cramping up as a thinner knife might.

This is Kizer’s first collaboration with Pretsch, who makes customs under the shop name Blasted Hill Knives. Pretsch makes fixed blades and folders, and while there’s nothing in his portfolio that is a 1:1 match to the Comfort, the “Big Blade, Thick Handle” aesthetic on display in this collab certainly comes through in his customs too.

The Comfort is arriving with dealers now.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Cutlery Comfort

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