Marcus Caston is making turning sexy again

Low tide is a drastic understatement when it comes to describing most resorts in early November. If your local hill is spinning chairs, chances are that your options are slim. You could head to the top of the park and hike a few rails, but don’t you want to taste some gravity powered velocity? That single groomer with some inviting side hits sure looks fun. But of course, you’ll have to battle your way through the wide turning, hot tempered gaggle of parents, children, frat stars, and 35 year olds who, “totally could have gone pro but just didn’t want to”. Sheesh, tough crowd to say the least.

Ah, that’s right! There’s always the option of exploring those freshly opened moguls and laying down some edge bashing mayhem while the chairlift looks on with jaw dropping approval. Well, depending on how much work you put in on those burley thighs over the summer, the looks you receive may or may not be filled with approval. But the point is you’ll be having fun! Sure, you might need some serious base repair when you get home, but that’s nothing a little P-tex and tender love won’t solve. Now comes the make or break question, just how exactly will one ski that dauntingly exposed face? There’s bumps, and stumps, and rocks, can’t forget about those rocks. We highly recommend following this simple formula, as outlined by the man who carves harder than your dad on thanksgiving, Snowbirds infamous Marcus Caston.

“If you can avoid the rocks and the stumps, but connect the bumps, then you’ll be pumped!”

Well said Marcus, well said. And if you’re not quite sure how to follow through on this age old slogan, take a look at the most recent installment of his heart stopping series, Return of the Turn. In episode 9, Marcus gives a detailed tutorial on how to make the early season mountain bend to your will. The only problem is, it wouldn’t take more than one slip up for the mountain to eat you alive at the pace that Marcus prefers to ski. For a mere mortal, it would seem near impossible to hold an edge on that cement caliber hard pack. But for the, “3 time self proclaimed runner up for best skier in the world“, it ain’t nothin’ but an every day thang. We’re not going to promise that you’ll ski like him after enjoying this three minute rollercoaster ride of a video, in fact it’s pretty much a guarantee that you won’t, but you just might learn a thing or two in the process. And worse comes to worst, you’ll have a great time explaining to your friends how you ended up with half a tree branch sitting in your left ski base. Happy turns!

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