New: Bushnell Vault Binocular Chest Rig

The front and center of your torso is an ideal place to store critical gear, whether that consists of spare magazines and an IFAK in a combat situation or a radio and navigational tools while adventuring in the wilderness. Positioning these items on the front of your chest ensures you’ll be able to access them easily with either hand, even in alternate stances such as sitting or kneeling. Hunters need quick and quiet access to tools such as binoculars, a laser rangefinder, and game calls, because fumbling around in search of these items is likely to spook the intended target. With this in mind, the new Bushnell Vault binocular chest rig was developed with pockets for each of these items, plus silent magnetic closures that won’t click or rattle.

Above: Binoculars are valuable for hunting, shooting, and all sorts of other outdoor activities. A good set doesn’t come cheap, so it makes sense to protect them.

Bushnell Vault Harness & Rangefinder Pouch

The new Bushnell Vault binocular chest rig was announced earlier this month as a new product for 2022. It features a compact design with an ultralight X-harness that attaches via four built-in buckles. The binocular compartment is lined with soft, water-resistant material, and can accommodate 12×50 roof prism binoculars from most manufacturers. For binos with smaller optics, there’s a removable riser pad that fills in empty space and keeps the binos from bouncing around inside.

The main compartment opens with a forward-facing flap that’s attached with a quiet magnetic closure. It contains a mesh pocket for cleaning cloths and other small items. Additional mesh pockets on either side of the chest rig offer storage for game calls, weather meters, multitools, and other items. One more zippered pocket on the back of the binocular carrier serves as a good place to put hunting tags, maps, or a smartphone.

The optional rangefinder pouch (attached in the picture above) is sold separately, and features another quiet magnetic closure. There’s also an integrated tether so you won’t end up losing your rangefinder in the field if you drop it.

Bushnell says the Vault binocular chest rig will be available soon at an MSRP of $70. The rangefinder pouch will cost an additional $30. For more info, keep an eye on

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