NEW Daiwa Free Swimmer Spinning Reel

NEW Daiwa Free Swimmer Spinning Reel – Big Predator Fish Chaser

New from Daiwa is their newest entry into the live-lining spinning reel market. The Daiwa Free Swimmer spinning reel is perfect for anyone who wants to chase after those big predators.

“Our new Free Swimmer reel is a great equalizer,” says Marc Mills, Senior Marketing Manager at Daiwa. “It’s designed to be the ultimate saltwater spinning reel for live-lining trophy-sized fish, and can help even intermediate and beginner anglers keep pace with the pros.”

This new reel is surprisingly lightweight while still exceptionally powerful, the new Free Swimmer features the Automatic Bite N’ Run clutch system. This is located right at the base of the body right where its most convenient for anglers to instantly disengage the spool. That way the line can peel off the spool with little or no resistance while the bail is closed. No having to touch your drag or leave your bail open, simply pull down the lever to go into free spool live lining mode. Then, when you feel that bite flip it back up to instantly reengage the spool to set the hook and start the fight. At the bottom of the reel, there is a small Tension Control Knob to easily adjust the tension and speed of the line being played out.

“Let’s face it,” continues Mills, “With the cost of gas, bait, and everything else these days, targeting offshore tuna and other pelagic or near-shore bruisers can be expensive. That means you need to maximize your chances whenever heading out – and the Free Swimmer does just that. Plus, it works especially well when using circle hooks or any style that sets better with a steady pull than a jarring strike.”

Be it chasing tuna with live sardines off of Mexico and Southern California, targeting tarpon or kings with hardtails in the Gulf of Mexico, or swimming out a big bunker in the Atlantic chasing cow stripers, the new Daiwa Free Swimmer is the tool for the job. Using the tension control, you can adjust the speed your live bait swims out. Keeping that fresh bait in the strike zone for the longest period possible. Being able to free-line with a closed bail also adds an extra degree of safety with not having to keep braided line in your fingers while feeding your bait out.

The Free Swimmer is Daiwa’s next-level reel in this reel category, but it comes with several additional features that put it ahead of other reels. The Free Swimmer features an Air Rotor designed for balance, toughness, and sensitivity.  The rotor has an arched profile and 15% weight reduction compared to standard rotors. This offers optimal winding smoothness while eliminating vibration thanks to its lowered center of gravity.

For the drag system, it has Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD) system. This waterproof, carbon fiber drag system uses an improved drag grease with low viscosity at rest, that increases in viscosity immediately after starting up. Resulting in a super-smooth drag with low initial inertia and beast-stopping power.

The Free Swimmer will be available in two sizes: 8,000 and 10,000. The reel also features a corrosion-resistant lightweight graphite frame and features Digigear technology. This gearing has larger and digitally cut and polished gears. This results in better meshing and longer gear life in the reel.

“We think these reels have the potential to refresh the whole live-lining category,” sums up Mills, “and they’re great for casting lures or drifting out cut baits, too. They even have significant surf-fishing applications – think snag-and-drop live-bait fishing for stripers and gorilla blues, live-lining shark from the beach, or throwing eels around inlet jetties, bridge abutments and other hard structure.”

“A lot of new anglers have entered our sport recently,” concludes Mills, “and many have never tried this reel category. Once they see how versatile, easy to use and effective the Free Swimmers are, that’s likely to change. I think we’re going to have a big hit on our hands.”

Daiwa Free Swimmer Spinning Reel

Daiwa’s NEW Free Swimmer Saltwater Reels feature 4BB+1 ball bearings, a 4.7:1 gear ratio, and maximum drag of 22 Lb. The FRSW8000 retrieves 36.1″ of line per crank and holds 330 yards of 16 Lb Test mono or 280 yards of 20 Lb Test mono. With Daiwa J-Braid line, capacity is 330 yards of 40 Lb Test and 280 yards of 50 Lb Test.

The FRSW10000 retrieves 39.6″ of line per crank and holds 330 yards of 20 Lb Test mono or 280 yards of 25 Lb Test mono. With Daiwa J-Braid line, capacity is 330 yards of 50 Lb Test and 280 yards of 65 Lb Test. The MSRP is $199.99 for either reel. Check them out here online.

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