NEW Smith’s Insulated 60″ Fish & Game Cooler Bag

NEW Smith’s Insulated 60″ Fish & Game Cooler Bag

Great for any angler be it inshore or offshore, the new Smith’s 60-Inch Insulated Fish Cooler Bag is an amazing multipurpose tool. Be it while prepping your boat for a trip with hauling live baits or just loading the boat with ice. The no-corrozive zipper with pulls keeps water and bait where they belong as you make those long runs to the fishing grounds. And at the end of a successful day on the water, the insulated kill bag makes the whole fish cleaning process simple. The bag is built tough using washable marine-grade tarpaulin inside and out, which encloses a half-inch of dense closed-cell insulation. This keeps your catch ice cold and fresh for those long rides back to the dock on a hot summer’s day.

The bag is equipped with an adjustable padded should strap, along with four heavy-duty grab handles. All of these to make loading and carrying your catch or bait an easy endeavor. The four grab handles are situated to allow for a four-person carry when the bag is fully loaded with fish and ice. On side of the fish bag, there is an integrated drain port, for easy water draining. Be it for draining out the water in your ice slush, or just for cleaning the bag at the end of the trip. The drain makes for a reduced mess. The fish bags measures 30in x 60in with a 12in gusseted sit-flat bottom. This keeps the bag standing upright on the boat, the truck, or next to the cleaning table.

“Smith’s Game and Fish kill bag is constructed with heavy-duty washable marine grade tarpaulin. The adjustable padded shoulder strap makes loading and carrying your catch or bait a breeze. This bag a total for four heavy duty grab handles. The two center padded handles and the two large end handles allow for a 4-person carry when the bag is fully loaded. Equipped with drain port you can drain off any water to keep your catch or game fresh and ready to clean. The 30″ x 60” size bag with 12″ sit flat bottom keep the bag sitting upright on the boat or truck.”

Smith’s 60-Inch Insulated Fish Cooler Bag has a capacity of 205 quarts and an MSRP of $349.99. The bag is engineered to be able to handle the heaviest of catches over many seasons on the water. You can see Smith’s 60-Inch Insulated Fish Cooler Bag here online or if you’re at ICAST2022 this year in the New Product Showcase.

Smith’s Insulated 60-Inch Fish Cooler Bag Features

  • Perfect for Hauling Bait or Fish
  • Heavy-Duty, Washable, Marine-Grade Tarpaulin Construction
  • One Half-Inch of Closed-Cell Insulation
  • Padded, Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Two Heavy-Duty Center Handles
  • Two End Grab Handles
  • Integrated Drain Port
  • Non-Corrosive Zipper and Pulls
  • Two Rear Tie-Down Loops
  • 60” x 30” with 12” Sit-Flat Bottom
  • 205 Quart Capacity
  • Weighs 9.55 Pounds
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