Ostap Hel Kicks off Bestech’s New Budget Label with the Dundee

Bestech has established a new, budget-driven label called Bestechman. They say that Bestechman will focus on affordable EDC tools, and Ostap Hel designed the first Bestechman release, the Dundee.

We asked Hel when his goals were in designing the Dundee, and he gave us this succinct summary: “Simplicity, utility and materials suitable for budget friendly EDC tool.” Unsurprisingly, these traits coincide with the goals of Bestechman itself. Hel also told us that, yes, the name comes from where you think. “The name is inspired by old school movie Crocodile Dundee and his big bowie blade.”

Now, measuring an EDC-friendly 3.35 inches long, the Dundee can’t compete with Dundee’s famous “this is a knife” fixed blade bowie, but its sleek, lightly clipped blade is ideal for small to mid-size everyday carry cutting. Opened with a flipper, it’s made from D2, which should surprise nobody given that this is a budget-focused knife, and D2 has succeeded 8Cr13MoV as presiding de facto budget steel.

There are three different scale options for the Dundee

The Dundee is one of those knives whose blade nearly completely buries itself in the handle – and part of that is because the handle itself mimics the blade’s narrrow dimensions. G-10 or Micarta scales lay over the steel liners and the liner lock on the off-side works just as the many that have preceded it. 3.32 ounces in total, the Dundee also comes equipped with a reversible deep carry pocket clip.

The Dundee is expected to be available for purchase soon. Many knife companies cross-pollinate aross their lines, creating premium versions of budget knives and vice versa. We asked Hel if he had any such plains for delivering the Dundee into the main Bestech line. “I don’t think so,” he told us. “It was designed for Bestechman brand to fit its standards and price range.” He does have plans to work more under Bestechman, but says that his main focus will still be on the main label. “I prefer to focus on designing for Bestech without any limits and restrictions. We still have the Bouquet Line to finish – new knives from this lineup are coming soon.”

Knife in Featured Image: Bestechman Dundee

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