Podcast: Getting Kids into Fly Fishing, with Marsha Benovengo

I get a lot of questions from listeners on how to get kids into fly fishing–what’s the right rod outfit, what species to go after, how to structure (or not structure) a day on the water, what resources are available, and how to instill a sense of ethics and conservation in kids.  My guest this week is an expert on the subject.  Marsha Benovengo is state chair of New Jersey Trout Unlimited, and this year she received the coveted Mortensen Award from TU for her volunteer service and dedication.  She has a host of great tips for guiding kids through their fly-fishing education.

In the Fly Box this week, we have some interesting questions and tips from listeners, including:

  • I noticed trout living in a polluted pond near a garnet quarry.  Don’t trout always live in completely pristine water?
  • I have a kink in my fly line that I can’t remove.  Do you have any tips on getting it out?
  • What do you do to help your feet after a day of wet wading?
  • Can I travel with fly rods in a duffel bag?
  • A tip from a listener on using Lycra dive socks for wet wading
  • How exactly do you check the balance on a fly rod?
  • Does Tom ever get to fish anymore?
  • How can I get more distance when surf fishing for snook?
  • I am doing well using Euro-style jig flies with an indicator and a standard 9-foot 5-weight rod.  Would I be even more successful with a Euro rod?  And how do they fish dry flies with those 10-foot 3-weight rods?
  • Should I attach my nymphs with a loop knot?
  • How can I fish a high mountain lake with extensive weed beds?
  • Would my 12-year-old son be better off with a double taper line than the weight-forward line he is currently using?
  • A great story from a listener in Sweden who has a friend that has caught 100 species of fish native to Sweden, all on fly tackle.
  • Will fishing my “cold water” Bank Shot line in warm water and air temperatures damage the line?
  • How can I clean some peacock feathers I got from a friend?
  • How can I keep my fly lower in the water column when swinging streamers for smallmouth bass?
  • I have a small spring on my property and would like to see if it will hold trout.  Should I dig it out and clean out all the willows around it?
Marsha (center) receiving the coveted Mortensen Award from Beverly Smith and Chris Wood of Trout Unlimited

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